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Anyone under 30 and had 2nd dose of Astra Zeneca.

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Boo2997 · 04/05/2021 14:17

I’m nearly 30... had my first in Feb and due my second very soon.

Was absolutely fine after the first so likely it’ll be the same again.

Slightly anxious after the news that it wouldn’t be given to under 30’s.

Anyone had their second dose in this age group?

OP posts:

Beatinghearts · 04/05/2021 14:19

I’m due to have my second dose two. I’m worried to but looking at the overall risk it’s not that high.


Marcis · 04/05/2021 14:22

I’ve had second dose- it was pulled for under 30s on the day I had my second!

Numbers of thrombosis are vanishingly small and are all following first jab.


strawberrysalsa · 04/05/2021 14:58

My son is under 30 and has had 2 doses of the Astra Zeneca jab....He had his second just over a week ago.
He had a temperature both times and felt a bit under the weather but that was it. The major side effect was him being a smug git getting both his vaccines sorted so quickly.
The risk of a blood clot seems to be 1 in a million which seemed a more than acceptable risk to him. He has asthma so Covid could have been serious if he'd caught it.


Boo2997 · 04/05/2021 15:23

Thanks all. I totally understand the risk is minimal but can’t help worry about it but sure all will be fine. I had no side effects after the first. Hopefully it’ll be the same this time 🤞

OP posts:

AzkabanPrison · 04/05/2021 15:27

Had mine, had first dose at the start of March and 2nd one last week. I felt like death after the first one but absolutely fine after the second one!


MyopiaUtopia · 04/05/2021 21:36

Had my second last week. Felt rubbish after the first, but absolutely fine after the second


StripyHorse · 04/05/2021 21:46

I think it is more to do with the balance of risk of the vaccine, vs becoming seriously ill from covid.

So the risk of thrombosis is slightly higher for under 30s (but still v v rare) while the risk from covid is lower.

In older age groups, the increased risk from covid more than balances out the risk from the vaccine itself.


Theshoepeople · 04/05/2021 21:56

Am mid thirties not under so a little different - however when I went for my second jab the nurse who did the screening gave me some additional advice about side effects (re the blood clot scare) and checked I was happy to have AZ again.
I think they're just being extremely cautious with the vaccines. Its far less risky than the contraceptive pill I take every day.


AndyYoureAStar · 04/05/2021 22:30

My husband has had both doses of AZ, he's 31 (front line health care worker). He got a fever after the first dose (he'd already had COVID, apparently that can make you react worse after the first jab) and felt a little rough after the second one but nothing some paracetamol didn't sort out.

I'm 34 and not in a high risk group so I haven't had my jabs yet - but I'm currently pregnant so my risk of blood clots is much higher than having the AZ vaccine!


emzy1990 · 17/06/2021 22:22

Had my 2nd two days ago feel awful dizzy and sick..weird niggle pain in ribs never had any effects of first


IHaveBrilloHair · 17/06/2021 22:25

Dd has and she's 19.
She was, tired, achey and festive she had a temperature, although she didn't.
A day in bed with naps/Netflix and soup and she was fine.


MadeOfStarStuff · 17/06/2021 22:27

Same as theshoepeople, I’m mid 30s but recently had a second dose of AZ, they gave me extra info which said it wasn’t recommended as a first dose for under 40s, but I think the logic was if you don’t have serious issues after the first one you should be fine with the second one.

(And I was absolutely fine, not even the mild side effects that I had with the first dose)


ScandiNoir · 17/06/2021 22:32

My son is under 30 and has had both doses of AZ, the second dose about 3 weeks ago. Absolutely no side effects other than a sore arm from the first dose. Good luck!


lurker101 · 17/06/2021 22:32

I’m under 30, had my second AZ about a month ago. No side effects from second (at all), mild hungover feeling with the first dose which lasted about 12 hours or so.


ErickBroch · 17/06/2021 22:36

Yup. 27. All good. Docs said if you were fine with 1st you'll be ok - the side effects have shown in first dose. You'll be great!


Em8725 · 17/06/2021 22:37

I’m under 30. Had my second dose under 48 hours ago.

I’ve still got the banging headache, but only when I bend down/lean forwards. I felt really ill last night and conked out completely at 11pm, nothing could wake me until 9 this morning. I was hot/cold/shaky. Symptoms passed quickly. I don’t have such a sore arm this time either. I am ok though, I’m not ill today and am getting on with life as I normally would. The first dose incapacitated me for a couple of days.

First dose I had the headache for 3 days, and then the one when I bend down for a further 2 days afterwards, was hot and cold and shivery for 3 days and had pain in my arm so severe I couldn’t move it for a day.


Yellow85 · 17/06/2021 22:37

2 doses down here too. Felt absolutely fine second time around.


guessmyusername · 17/06/2021 23:17

Dd, mid 20s had 2nd dose a couple of weeks ago and was fine after. She was rough for 24hours after first dose. She was worried after announcement and wondered if she would still get AZ

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