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To ask how to make partner

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Iwanttomakepartner · 20/04/2021 16:31

I’m about to go back to private legal practice after my 2nd child.

I am mid level and want to make partner. This is on my mind as it’s always been my ultimate goal but also all the promotions are out at the moment.

Help me with things to remember/ keep on track/ little snippets of wisdom please as I deal with inevitable hurdles when back? It was hard the first time and I’m pretty sure I experienced maternity discrimination.

I’ll be damned if I let the bastards kee p me down though. I do love my firm, they’re just very pale male and stale at the top.

I don’t want to move, and it’s a big firm.

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thecognoscenti · 20/04/2021 16:32

OP if you find out, please tell me how!


Iwanttomakepartner · 20/04/2021 16:43

Hah - indeed.

I just want inspiration really. To keep me going through the days when baby(ies) have been sick all day and clients are being odd and everything is a slog.

In house is a good move for some but it’s not what I want.

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ladybranstonpickle · 20/04/2021 17:11

I am not a lawyer and very far from being a partner but I also feel very ambitious after returning from 13 months of mat leave looking after my first baby.

I came back in January and have tried very hard to fix previous bad habits as well as take every opportunity for training and development. My goal for this year is to get an Exceptional rating on my annual review - I was hoping for a promotion but was told that was unlikely based on current skillset and knowledge. So I'm working on the foundations.

That said, I have a work coach in the organization who has been extremely helpful in clarifying my goals, thoughts and feelings around my return. So I recommend a coach if possible. She is really helping me.

I also looked at the company's and my department's strategic goals which feed down to us and tried to translate them into my own personal objectives with measurable indicators. So i've got about 3 areas to really focus on, including an audit type project which will hopefully be quite visible in the end.

Would be great to keep each other company on the journey!


ladybranstonpickle · 20/04/2021 17:13

One more thing - I attended a webinar this morning about Delivering with Excellence - was aimed at leadership strategy but the presenter recommended a book for personal execution with excellence - Deep Work by Cal Newport. I'm going to buy a kindle copy right now!


Iwanttomakepartner · 20/04/2021 18:14

@ladybranstonpickle up for supporting each other!

Will look at your book recommendation.

I’m a bit Hmm at your being told that you haven’t got the skills atm for your promotion. That feels a bit questionable as a maternity returnee. Women are so often criticised for not having skills/ analytical stuff when perceptions around that are super gendered.

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ladybranstonpickle · 22/04/2021 09:32

@Iwanttomakepartner how is this week going? I finished the Deep Work book - very thought provoking. I need to go back over it and make some notes on the specific tactics he suggests to develop a practice of deep work. Although today's work project is to sort out the 600+ emails in my inbox!

What is your area of practice? I have a very good friend who is in pensions/tax work and has just gone back to work after her first baby.


Iwanttomakepartner · 26/04/2021 17:56

Sent you a pm :)

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Shamoo · 26/04/2021 18:03

I have a couple of friends who made partner before babies, a couple who made it after.

Key to me seems to be bill a lot, lots of BD (which is why I left - cannot stand it) and network hugely. I guess with kids you need to juggle being home and being online - easier now than even 5 years ago, but make sure the current partners always see you online after bed etc.

Lots of luck!


ZenNudist · 26/04/2021 18:10

Obvious but don't forget to make it clear that is your goal and ask for a path way to work on. Ask what courses are available. In my firm (not law) there are courses to be nominated for to get to next step so just being nominated is sign you're on track.


XelaM · 26/04/2021 18:31

I made partner at 3 different City firms. If you bring in a massive client- that's your easiest way to partnership


XelaM · 26/04/2021 18:32

Oh, and make sure no one more senior steals your client as they will!


WarwickHunt · 26/04/2021 18:44

I can't help I'm afraid.

I only clicked on the thread to tell you off about coercive control.


bytheby · 26/04/2021 18:50

Make sure you play the game.

Speak to promoters and get offered a brilliant job by another firm and then say to current firm 'Look, I really don't want to leave but I need a clear picture of my route to partnership...'


Iwanttomakepartner · 28/04/2021 15:07

@WarwickHunt haha - well thanks for looking out for people, I guess.

Thanks everyone else for tips and input so far.

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