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in thinking rather than post in WANTED they just go to the bloody shop?

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mamazon · 07/11/2007 22:31

sinec we have had new MN i cant get rid of the for sale and wanted ads ( i know i can, i just havent worked it all out yet)

just go to the shop you lazy feckers

oh and i know i am unreasonable but my eye is still really sore so i am grumpy

OP posts:

KerryMum · 07/11/2007 22:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

berolina · 07/11/2007 22:39

Under 'hide & show threads & topics' mamazon. You can choose topics to ignore.


2shoes · 07/11/2007 22:46

mamazon do you want me to talk you through it v e r y s l o w l y.

omg I think i will be wearing a drink at the meet up lol


mamazon · 07/11/2007 22:59

lol im half blind tonight so everything is taking twice as long

i was just some of teh things that have been aske for are pretty bloody cheeky i think.

but like i say, im grumpy tonight anyway so i know iabu

OP posts:

pukkapatch · 07/11/2007 23:02

yes, i miss th elittle ticky boxes at the top.
but honest mamazon, it's not htat difficult to get hte topics into the ignor list.

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