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am I being unreasonable to want to scream when D....

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Magicmayhem · 15/10/2007 22:28

Bit of history here... DH was ill last month with a cold, he came home from work on the friday and went to bed.. I woke him 2 hours later with a cup of coffee as he had requested and he bit my head off.. "go away, I don't feel well" sort of thing, That was on friday night, he slept and layed in bed all the time, and he didn't have anything to eat or drink till the sunday morning.. then complained he was headachy and achy.. (no wonder with no fluid or food inside him) stayed in bed all sunday and had the monday off work...

My DH was sick this morning, and had the day off work again... fair enough.. he hasn't been sick since but also hasn't got up out of bed all day or eaten or drank anything...
I had to work tonight, I went out at 7:30 and DD aged 11 was doing her homework and DS 9 was watching telly, I asked hubby if he was ok to put them to bed, he said yes... I come home at 10:00pm and DD is still awake watching telly.. I asked him if he was going to work tomorrow and he said it depended how he feels in the morning!
when I've been sick in the past.. I always feel better once I've been sick.. unless its a real bug where your continuously being sick.

What I'd like to know is, is it normal to be ill and withdraw so into oneself.. not eat or drink.. just sleep.. or do you think this is some sort of depression where he can't cope and just switches off, and uses feeling ill as an excuse

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Deludinoid · 15/10/2007 22:31

YANBU but tis the way of the world I'm afraid. Man flu is the worst thing ever doncha know? Far worse than anything women could get.


xXxspookyxXx · 15/10/2007 22:35

has he any visable symptoms of an illness?i think there are two kinds of men those that soilder on and would see a doc unless they had to go by ambulance and those who turn into a sniviling two year old who beleive the world should stop because they have the sniffles!my dh is the second of the two


nappyaddict · 15/10/2007 22:48

surely an 11 yo can put herself to bed?


Magicmayhem · 15/10/2007 22:53

Yes..11 year old can put her self to bed.. but needs reminding telling to put the light out and turn her telly off at 9oclock!

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nappyaddict · 15/10/2007 23:07

oh right. i haven't got children that old but i never went to bed until 10 - 10:30 when i was eleven so i assumed you just meant you got in and she was still downstairs instead of upstairs in her room. not that she was an hour late for bed.


AutumnMists · 15/10/2007 23:26

There is a really bad bug going around at the moment combination of cold / sickness - I know because I had it a couple of weeks ago and am still a bit run down. Dh has it at the moment and has been in bed for what seems like days ...

If you can bear it try and get him some vitamin pills and nice drinks (maybe those salt replenishing ones) he will take and give him a bit of leeway to get over it. If he is still like it in a few days maybe you could try some tactful enquiries as to whetehr everything is OK at work ...


Magicmayhem · 16/10/2007 07:35

DH has just informed me he's not going to work, his belly hurts and he feels achey.. so this will mean that he will spend another day in bed... DH hates work, in fact he's hated all the jobs hes had in the past as well... Every evening I have to listen to his work related gripes.. and to be honest they are petty, well they are to me!

OP posts:

helenhismadwife · 16/10/2007 12:53

it can be hard to tell with men, my dh had a bit of a cold and had been coughing for weeks, he was really up and down, one minute ok next really wiped out, he was taken to hospital by ambulance after he got a lot worse and found to have very bad pneumonia he was on a drip for 4 days, he is home now but still not right. In future I will nag him more to go to the Doctor and take things a bit more seriously.

But depression can make some people like this so its worth him going to the doctor if he still feels bad


cheeset · 16/10/2007 12:58

Sounds like he's lacking in energy due to illness and maybe he has had a chance to totally relax, makes you more tired I think.

It would bug me that he just wasnt helping himself but then men are sometimes like that IMO.

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