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To wonder what on earth Aung San Suu Kyi can say tomorrow

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Yarboosucks · 10/12/2019 22:54

I just cannot believe that she has so steadfastly towed the line on the appalling treatment of the Rohingya people.
In her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, she was quoted as saying:

"To live the full life, one must have the courage to bear the responsibility of the needs of others … one must want to bear this responsibility. Each man has in him the potential to realize the truth through his own will and endeavour and to help others to realize it.” Finally she says, “The quest for democracy in Burma is the struggle of a people to live whole, meaningful lives as free and equal members of the world community. It is part of the unceasing human endeavour to prove that the spirit of man can transcends the flaws of his nature.

Seems those values may be subjective.

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