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Time off for dependants and employers attitude

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StudentMummy92 · 01/12/2019 17:41

I've had a couple of child related issues the last couple of weeks and my employer haven't exactly been very understanding about it. Week before last she was poorly with bronchiolitis and we had to take her to the hospital, I tried calling the restaurant to explain but no one answered. I finally got through just before my shift was about to start and well they still wanted me to come in when my 15 month old was poorly! No chance.

Today, unfortunately my DM couldn't look after as she was called into work. I bend over backwards to go in when they call me in last minute and I will if I have someone to look after one my little girl. I just don't seem to getting anything back from them. They cancel my shifts haven't been giving me contracted hours till now, send me home after 2hrs. I'm just getting a bit sick of it really.

When I had started they said they would work around my childcare arrangement and that I would do the shifts I could do. That clearly hasn't happened. My manager said 'I need to think whether I can work here or not'

AIBU to think it wasn't professional of him to say that and just quit before Christmas?

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housewifeoflittleitaly · 01/12/2019 17:44

How long are you working there?
Do you have a contract?

I work in hospitality... it’s shit and they will screw you over as soon as they can. I’ve seen places cut hours for such things just they way you describe.. it happens everywhere. Although at this time of year restaurants are crying out for staff so I’d be surprised they are doing that atm unless they are fairly quiet.


StudentMummy92 · 01/12/2019 17:48


6 months, but emergency time off for dependants starts from day one.
Yes I have a contract, it's a big company.

Definitely not quiet, I meant hours cutting before the last couple of weeks. I was getting one shift a week till last week and even then they were cancelling!

His exact words were;

'I understand it must be difficult to find childcare but you can't keep doing this to us. You've had your shifts long enough to have planned for this. If you aren't able to do all the shifts we give you then you need to question whether you are able to work here'

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housewifeoflittleitaly · 01/12/2019 17:55

Ok, I’d be looking for something else. No on can survive on a few hrs a week! This is a great time to look for something else if you want to stay in restaurants.

My time of for dependants never went down well either. Especially if they didn’t have kids.

I don’t have a contract - never have. Thankfully my time in the industry is about to end!


beautifulstranger101 · 01/12/2019 17:55

From the POV of someone who runs a business its very hard when people dont show up to work at the last minute. Now I KNOW you had valid reasons but really, for the employer the reasons dont make up for the fact that they might be staff down that shift making it hard to fulfil their commitments to customers. Its like a domino effect- co workers get angry because they have to do extra work to cover for the person off and customers complain because service is slower than they expected or orders go wrong due to lack of staff and then management gets it in the neck from employees and clients/customers. Obviously, noone can help being sick but if you cannot arrange regular and reliable child care thats a slightly different matter and should have been arranged in advance once you know your shift patterns.
To be quite honest- if I had the choice of giving a shift to an employee who reliably turned up for work 99% of the time or someone who cancelled regularly, I'd give it to the reliable one. I might be completely sympathetic to the second one and their reasons but you simply cannot run a business when people keep cancelling at the last minute. Sorry :(


LIZS · 01/12/2019 17:55

The situations are different, one is a health emergency the other your arrangement fell through. I would expect more tolerance to first. Agreeing to work around childcare is different to allowing you to let them down at last minute. Do you need the job more than they need you?


StudentMummy92 · 01/12/2019 17:56

The problem I had was it was always my hours they cut and they were hiring new staff!

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StudentMummy92 · 01/12/2019 18:05

@housewifeoflittleitaly I have something else, I just didn't want to quit on them at this time of year. But fuck it, I just might. Yeah, he doesn't have children.

@beautifulstranger101 I get that it's not great, but people without children are just as unreliable sometimes. I don't take time off regularly - they cancel my shifts regularly. I have even taken my little girl 60 miles to get a babysitter because they didn't hold up there end of the bargain. So I do what I can. I turn up to work 99% of the time, early too! This is the first time because of childcare issues. Also pretty difficult to get regular childcare when I don't get regular shifts, hence the agreement to work around the childcare I did have.

@LIZS but they don't work around the childcare like they said they would at all. The way he spoke to me, he treated her illness in the same way as this evening. I'd say at this time of year they need me, I ha e another job so I don't need them 🤷‍♀️

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StudentMummy92 · 01/12/2019 18:09

Time off for dependants also allowd for emergency childcare.

Meh only want to work there for the discount.

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beautifulstranger101 · 01/12/2019 18:10

I see. I thought you meant, they cut your shifts after you not turning up in which case I kind of get it.If however, they aren't giving you regular shifts then it would be impossible to book childcare (you need notice for that). Just as I wouldn't expect employees to keep cancelling, I would never just expect employees to just turn up to work as and when I decided they should at last minute. People need to know when their shifts are so they can plan family stuff/ childcare/ life stuff in times when they're off.
I'd find another job- they sound disorganised and flaky. I wouldn't feel an ounce of guilt quitting now!


StudentMummy92 · 01/12/2019 18:20

@beautifulstranger101 I do have another job, I just feel super guilty about quitting at Christmas! xx

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StudentMummy92 · 06/12/2019 08:34

I quit 😁

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ThePants999 · 06/12/2019 08:46



StudentMummy92 · 06/12/2019 09:04

@ThePants999 effective immediately Grin

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