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To resist the idea of a "real" drumkit

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Crykey · 30/11/2019 13:25

DS (13) has being learning drums for a year and has just passed his Grade 2. He has a second-hand electronic kit (Yamaha DTX400K) and in the run up to his exams he had a few sessions with a real kit at a studio.

The Yamaha fits in a corner of his medium sized bedroom, which is on the outer wall of a medium-sized semi-detached house. When I'm outside I can hear it, but it doesn't disturb the neighbours, and we could turn the amp down if it did.

His drum teacher occasionally make negative remarks about the electronic kit, so DS has started to say he "needs" a real one. I think he should be able to continue with the electronic kit for the foreseeable future - until he either gives up or decides to make a career out of it (very unlikely). I'm worried about the increased noise and thr loss of control over that, as well as the sheer bulk of the thing. But I also want to encourage him to keep playing as long as possible.

One suggested compromise is that we find him a teacher at a drum studio, rather than a mobile one that comes to the house, so at least DS gets more regular access to a real kit.

I'm interested in hearing how others have solved this problem.

OP posts:

lljkk · 30/11/2019 13:43

My brother was a drummer. Sigh. They are LOUD. I would never consider getting DS a real one & luckily he lost interest.


RandomMess · 30/11/2019 13:46

I only let DD have an electric kit but I got her a decent one - would be about £750 New now, sold it on for as about as much as we paid for it 2nd hand 6 years later 😳

Her lessons were on a real kit but no way would I inflict a real kit even with dampeners on the neighbours in our terrace! You could hear the feint thud of pedal
Thwacking 2 floors below despite heavy duty noise insulating underlay and decent carpet.

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