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To think that Branston Macaroni Cheese is disgusting?

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DontCallMeShitley · 22/11/2019 19:20

I remember the Heinz version, last bought it around 1990 and it was OK. Couldn't find Heinz and had a fond memory of how it used to be, ended up with a tin of slimy worms in soap that smelled like sick.

Nothing I could do made it edible, added black pepper, mustard, hot chilli sauce, then added it to the bin.

How on earth do they sell that stuff? It is really and truly revolting.

Would have cooked my own pasta but have no hob at the moment. Cornflakes for dinner tonight.

OP posts:
BarbaraofSeville · 23/11/2019 11:48

The Heinz version probably isn't as nice as you remember either. Either tastes changing or different ingredients for cost or health purposes.

Value macaroni ready meal in the freezer is probably your best bet if you want the best combination of cheap and ready made. The Sainsburys version is probably the nicest.

WaningGibbous · 23/11/2019 12:10

I've tried the mug recipe there was an issue with water pouring everywhere - it works but it's messy. It's basically just chucking butter milk and cheese onto pasta. Nowt wrong with that Grin

I've also made pasta bake and curry in the slow cooker - chucked the pasta/rice in towards the end of cooking. Again not pretty but we didn't have a kitchen for 4 months. You can also make chocolate brownies in the microwave. Google 5 minutes brownies.

notacooldad · 23/11/2019 12:27

I remember having tinned macaroni cheese as a child and hating it. It smelled like sick to me and put me off having properly made macaroni and cheese. i thought I'd hate it so never had it until I was in my 30's and loved it.
I now make several versions, a quick tea one, a very heavy in calories, comforting one for winter, a nice light version. I love them all!

Madein1995 · 23/11/2019 12:30

I remember having the macaroni cheese in a tin as a child - it was disgusting - I never liked macaroni cheese for so long, thinking it was still like thag

DontCallMeShitley · 24/11/2019 18:19

WaningGibbous I have that on my list of things to buy, have just got some of the ones with the little air vents and a steamer one (already have the ones for breakfasts). So much easier than the hob and messing about with pans.

BarbaraofSeville Yes, the Heinz one changed over the years and wasn't as good but nowhere near as foul as the Branston one. I remember it tasting of cheese, would you believe? Not soap.

Slow cooker is in use most of the time as I cook a lot for other people so I was planning getting the Sistema rice cooker, however I just fancied something sloppy and easy, but have learned my lesson and will go back to salads.

OP posts:
SerenDippitty · 24/11/2019 18:33

Heinz tinned spag Bol was a comfort food of mine back in the day. Haven’t had it for about 30 years but bought a tin this week to see if it tastes the same.

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