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To be furious about people who share anti-health info on SM

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ThistleAmore · 16/10/2018 15:20

I've just been perusing my FB and came across some ridiculous nonsense that a 'friend' (actually a family member) shared about the flu jab being 'designed to spread cancer', and I am FURIOUS.

Yes, I know, I know, 'get off FB' etc, but the fact of the matter is I mostly like FB for what it represents and I use it a lot (see also Twitter/LinkedIn etc).

I'm just utterly RAGING that something which should be a force for good is being used to shill this kind of crap, and no matter what any of us do, the tin-foil-hat-wearing anti-vaxx loonies will still get it out there.

I do, however, need to cull/curate my friends list, I won't deny that.

OP posts:
tenbob · 16/10/2018 15:29

You literally can't argue with stupid...

There are unfortunately always going to be some people who are just too dumb for their own good, and who have access to a social media account
But it isn't that different to people who were too stupid for their own good, and who were espousing their nonsense in the pub/school gate/village well in days before SM

YetAnotherUser · 16/10/2018 16:04

If you see fake news, call it out. But don't get overly invested, you can't argue with stupid.

CuriousaboutSamphire · 16/10/2018 16:11

We have an old friend like that.

It was really amusing/amazing as, when we were in regular contact he was a bear of very little brain. He was more into 'athletic sex' and drinking and couldn't hold a conversation that went beyond shagging, drinking and football. We lost contact in our mid 30s.

Now in our mid 50s he has popped up an 'expert' on facebook. I was looking for a fairly specific thing and was told XX would know about that! I was shocked, he has an unusual name and there, sure enough was our old friend. He is now a 'renowned' conspiracy theorist. Has even written a piece on optical distortion and the myth of the globe - yes, he is an honest to god Flat Earther!

Surprisingly he can have a nifty turn of phrase but usually reverts to type and tells his detractors to fuck off!

All you can do is smile fondly and move on... hopefully without them seeing you!

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