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To contact the council?

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OopsIdidittentimes · 12/10/2018 20:24

Next doors 2 dogs are out back in tiny garden whenever they are home, they leave the back door open till they go to bed which can be 2am.

They bark at everything because they are never taken for walks, they are shut in a kitchen all day when nextdoor are at work and when let out they naturally bark a lot.

We are in terraces so the noise really bothers my children trying to sleep, and to be honest its really starting to bother me in the daytime too, sometimes it sounds like its in my house it's so loud.

I have mentioned it when i've bumped into them, but they really obviously avoid me now, and nothing changes, last time they said ' I know, they are noisy' and went inside.

Also they let the dogs shit outside and never clean it up, they even leave their clothes to dry over the massive carpet of shit, once they left stuff outside for 4 weeks, I'm all for leaving washing to re dry after rain but over shit? for weeks?

Thinking about contacting the council as someone else said it wa a rodent risk with the dog mess, I don't really think talking to them again will help.

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HoleyCoMoley · 12/10/2018 20:28

Contact environmental health, and the dog warden.

SpankTheMonkey · 12/10/2018 20:29

Id contact them love. You have already played nice - time to bring in the big guns maybe

JosellaPlayton · 12/10/2018 20:29

I’m not sure what the council can/will do about them living in filth and their icky laundry habits, unless you’re suggesting they’re council tenants. I’d definitely complain about the noise though.

Eliza9917 · 12/10/2018 20:51

You can be prosecuted for not cleaning up dog/cat shit in your own garden. It's a health risk.

OopsIdidittentimes · 12/10/2018 21:01

Thanks all for the advice, think I need to do something just so i can stop moaning about it!

Honestly, I saw the guy go out to hang up some washing yesterday and he looked at the shit carpet and just gave up and went back in!!

They are private tenants and I got on well with the guy that was there before so have his landlords details somewhere for emergency use, might try and dig the number out,

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