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To think a 4 year old should be asleep before 10pm?

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Bubbinsmakesthree · 30/09/2018 21:05

I think it's utterly unreasonable but I cannot make my 4 year old go to sleep - he's often still getting out of bed with some made-up excuse after 10pm.

He's always been something of a night owl but starting reception has had the opposite effect to the one I had hoped for - he's started spending longer and longer fidgeting and faffing and just not going to sleep for hours after lights out.

AIBU to think this is ridiculously late and something must be done? How do I change this?

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Bubbinsmakesthree · 30/09/2018 23:57

I quite like the callback ticket idea - though I think it reveals part of the underlying problem that actually bedtime is one of the best times for quality one-on-one time and I feel guilty about rationing our time together, especially if I've been working late.

OP posts:

LooksBetterWithAFilter · 01/10/2018 00:05

Ds2 is like this. I’ve tried everything and he just won’t sleep before about 10. I have three dc and all of them have had different sleep needs. Dd is 15 and always been a good sleeper now she’s a teenager she’s even better and often the first in bed and a nightmare to get up. Ds1 used to be like someone switched him off at 7pm and at 12 it’s only the last 2 years that has changed.
Ds2 who since the day he was born has had to get up in the morning because others have work/school/nursery has been a different kettle of fish altogether. I always thought you could train a routine in to children but he has proved that’s a lie. We have mostly reached a stage where he will stay in bed and amuse himself but he will get up for a drink or a wee but he’s 8 and can sort out water and things himself. I’m not sure there is a magic solution.


shearwater · 02/10/2018 03:04

This is the book, Bubbins, just in case.

Working through the book together ended up being some nice quality time in itself.

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