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In realising that because I now shop online I don’t donate to food banks?

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JontyDoggle37 · 27/09/2018 19:56

When I went to the supermarket every week I tried to often buy things to put in the food bank. But our personal circumstances mean I don’t have time to do that now and have started presenting online. We’re fortunate enough that I could spend an extra £5-£10 on the shopping each week and put it all in the food bank bin, which could make a big difference to a couple of families. Is there a way I can do this online instead, or do I need to just go to the supermarket and only do a shop for the food bank. I’m well aware that ‘but for the grace of God, go I.’ I view this as important to how we live, for as long as we can afford to do it. We separately support children’s, homeless and air ambulance charities, but I can do all these online....

OP posts:
JontyDoggle37 · 27/09/2018 19:57

Shopping online, not presenting online. Like I’m Dale Winton or something, presenting my supermarket shop 🙄

OP posts:
pinkpantsrock · 27/09/2018 19:58

love this idea, i often think about ordering a shop to be delivered to the food bank but not sure if this is possible

LoisLittsLover · 27/09/2018 19:59

We have collection points throughout our local community eg leisure centre, so i drop off there. May be worth exploring?

OddBoots · 27/09/2018 20:00

We are in the same position, our local food bank has the option of giving money and as a bonus it can be gift aided. If you look yours up online you might find the same.

Strawberrybelly · 27/09/2018 20:00

I think there is an online shop where you can donate to the food bank online. I have a feeling it may be ocado or Sainsbury's. You could also donate to the food bank directly.

bananafish81 · 27/09/2018 20:00

If you shop with Ocado you can add a food bank voucher to your shop - they will also match the contribution

I have a donation as part of my weekly shop, I wish I'd discovered it earlier

Keeptrudging · 27/09/2018 20:01

It's a great idea to have a way of donating online with your weekly shop, perhaps an additional box you could tick in your basket? I haven't seen it, but I think supermarkets should add this option.

starsinyourpies · 27/09/2018 20:01

On Ocado you can add a food bank donation to your order.

Or just give money directly to food bank on direct debit so they can buy what they need?

LaDameAuxLicornes · 27/09/2018 20:01

Ocado let you donate online and they donate themselves too. Not sure about other supermarkets, but worth checking.

glasshalfsomething · 27/09/2018 20:01

Who do you do online shopping with. The Ocado app allows you to donate food; not sure if others do?

(And aware of the current issues surrounding Ocado, I hope it's available at others)

EssentialHummus · 27/09/2018 20:01

If you use Ocado there's a thingy called "You give, we give" to donate to food banks, and they'll match what you give. Use the search bar, or it's in the Newsagent and Stationery section, I think.

Otherwise can you add some food bank items to your online shop, and search for your nearest drop off point? If you're in a big city they are prolific.

NannyR · 27/09/2018 20:03

They would really appreciate a regular money donation, however small. Like the pp said, you could gift aid it and it means they can buy the foods that they know they need.

NannyR · 27/09/2018 20:05
BubbleySoup · 27/09/2018 20:18

Do you drive by the supermarket?

If so I'd just buy the things online then drop them off at the donation point in the shop on the way by.

everycowandagain · 27/09/2018 20:18

I have tried adding notes to my Tesco shop asking for certain items to be added to the foodbank box, but it never works! They always get delivered to my house.

My local foodbank does accept supermarket deliveries, so I have taken to doing less frequent but bigger donations instead.

kaitlinktm · 27/09/2018 20:30

I'm sure I signed a petition about this ages ago.

mrsmonkey14 · 27/09/2018 20:34

Yes as others say ocado has an option for this. I also checked with my Iocal food bank when in London and they were delighted to receive an ocado delivery direct from me (booked for the time they were open) - and I was able to order exactly what they asked for so it worked well.

CoolGirlsNeverGetAngry · 27/09/2018 20:36

Bollocks, would be bloody ocardo wouldn’t it?

londonrach · 27/09/2018 20:37

All the local churches and supermarkets have collection points so just buy an extra items online and drop off at a collection point. Be careful re gift aid as if you dont pay enough tax you will be asked to make up the short fall. The fact they know that frightens me so never gift aid but tbh i dont earn enough to pay much tax anyway.

Ragwort · 27/09/2018 20:43

I suggest you contact your local Food Bank and ask about making a financial donation, I volunteer at a Food Bank & we have a few regulars who have set up standing orders & others who give 'one off' donations, in many ways this makes it easier for the Food Bank as you can top up on what you are short on ( we order supermarket deliveries ) and also it is quite hard work collecting the actual donations from the supermarkets as it is a lot of lifting and carrying and many of the volunteers are not young.
Also avoids the problem of excess stocks of certain products baked beans and pasta Grin

Sportsnight · 27/09/2018 20:50

You can donate to The Trussell Trust if you don’t know your local food bank. They do great work.

Rowse · 27/09/2018 20:53

I've had a monthly direct debit donation to the trusell trust which runs my local one. That way you also know they are buying what they need when they get the money rather than donating particular food items etc which they may already have a good stock of


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Rowse · 27/09/2018 20:54

Just realised I'd basically written the same as the pp. sorry!

IdahoJones · 27/09/2018 20:59

Ocado are not in my good books at all.

I've decided to set up a direct debit to the Trussel Trust, as they can then buy what they're short of. If lots of people do, say, £2 a month it'll really add up and help.

widgetbeana · 27/09/2018 21:05

My parents help run a foodbank and the weekly finically donations are very welcome. It means they can actually buy the bits the they are short of.

If you are ever I. The vicinity of a supermarket or drop off point just put in specialty items. (Easter eggs, advent calendars, sanitary towels, moisturiser, colouring pens, deluxe chocolates, tins of biscuits) these are always welcome and met with a smile. At my parents foodbank these go in a specialist box and they can choose one item per family. They are the bits that make the week not just easier, but have some highlights.

Last year I bought 5 felt Christmas trees from hobby craft to donate, hobby craft matched my donation when I explained why I wanted 5 of them! It meant people could decorate their homes for a child friendly Christmas.

Sorry, this wasn't really answering question - basically i donate money monthly as a direct debit and then if I'm in a supermarket or drop point I add treat bits.

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