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To expect the cable guy to NOT stink my bathroom out after I have just bloody cleaned it.

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tiredemma · 24/04/2007 14:27

just had two cable guys here changing over my broadband socket, they were downstairs, i was upstairs making my bathroom pristine.

before they go, cable guy one asks to use the lav, is AGES up there- I go up to continue cleaning and it bloody STINKS!

Its bad enough having to put up with dp's toilet smells, without having to smell the guts of a stranger.


OP posts:

Enid · 24/04/2007 14:28

I think it is the height of rudeness for a workman to have a poo in my loo



helbel3 · 24/04/2007 14:29

I would complain to the company as I think that is disguisting.


LittleEgg · 24/04/2007 14:32

Had a plumber out a few weeks ago. He arrived 15 mins late, said "mind if I just use the loo?" and headed upstairs for about a week. I took DS upstairs once he came back down, to keep him out of plumbers way, and accused poor DS of having had a poo as it STANK SO MUCH upstairs. Bleeeurrghh.


LittleEgg · 24/04/2007 14:34

plumber's way... oops


tiredemma · 24/04/2007 14:35

Just phoned dp at work to tell him that the cable had been changed over ( he is anal about wires hanging around etc)

told him about cable guy and he pissed himself laughing.

It must be some kind of idiotic bloke thing to find it acceptable and humourous to stink someones lav out.

OP posts:

LittleEgg · 24/04/2007 14:37

Yep, my DH thought it was perfectly reasonable for plumber to "drop a log" in our loo. I know it is reasonable, if you are out on jobs all day you have to go somewhere, but why MY house????????


DrNortherner · 24/04/2007 14:37

Complain to company?!!

What's the guy supposed to do? Shit on the lawn, or ensure his shit come sout smelling of roses?


Unreasonable yes.


kslatts · 24/04/2007 14:59

You are being unreasonable. If you didn't want him using the loo you should have said no.


FrannyandZooey · 24/04/2007 15:01

Have we really had 9 messages and not had a joke about "laying some cable" on here so far?

I can't believe it


hunkermunker · 24/04/2007 15:03

Did he put his penisy hands all over your bathroom too, do you suppose?


FrannyandZooey · 24/04/2007 15:04

I think he is on CableGuysNet right now boasting about the massive dump he had in your toilet


LIZS · 24/04/2007 15:06

You obviously aren't using enough air freshener(s) !!(see marketing thread). Did he do anything to mitigate the whiff (open window etc)? I don't think you can complain as he did at least ask and you gave permission ! Not nice though.


TinyGang · 24/04/2007 15:07

Just wondering how you would actually word that complaint

But yuk yes!!


lisa111 · 24/04/2007 15:11

Have you gone to clean it yet with a peg on your nose, rubber gloves and bleach?

just the thought of a stranger sitting on my loo would have me scrubbing the toilet, and all the surrounding area. That is men for you.

I am lucky, after a fall down stairs i can no longer smell or taste anything i live with my dp and 3 sons age 18, 15, and 9months so you can imagine all those horrible smells.


Blandmum · 24/04/2007 15:14

From now on, offer each workman a champagne cork on entry to the house!


LIZS · 24/04/2007 15:24

Just say you're not insured in future !


Pixiefish · 24/04/2007 15:27

I think it's gross as well. Unless I was staying the night in someone's house I wouldn't dream of using the loo for a poo.

DH can't use anyone else's loo and this causes serious problems if we go away


oliveoil · 24/04/2007 15:30

what? you can't be serious, what are toilets for fgs?

you should have given him a nappy


Spidermama · 24/04/2007 15:31

Yup. My dh also thinks it's not only acceptable, but amusing for a workman to lay some cable in someone else's bathroom.


Spidermama · 24/04/2007 15:33

You'll be thinking for weeks now of his hairy buttocks on your loo seat won't you?

Mind you I suppose we all find ourselves in this situation whilst at work from time to time don't we?

Perhaps you ought to feel honoured that he wanted to spend some time in your lovely sparkling lav.


LittleEgg · 24/04/2007 15:36

LOL Hunker. Had forgotten all about those penisy hands..................


LIZS · 24/04/2007 15:39

Have you checked for pubic hairs, that would be nasty


expatinscotland · 24/04/2007 15:47

I tell them, 'Sorry, no customer toilets'.


expatinscotland · 24/04/2007 16:06

I vomit so easily, I'd have come downstairs and puked on him.

I really would have.

And then said, 'Thanks for stinging out my restroom, you rank punk ass.'


Dabbles · 24/04/2007 16:18

had th eplumber round yesterday and he left dog shit off his shoes all over my cream carpet.. at least he admitted to it, but he didnt offer to clean it up (could have been mud, but looked suspiciously 'light brown!)

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