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To expect the fly that is banging against the landing window to realise that it is shut and it shoud go out through the open patio doors????

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Budababe · 22/04/2007 12:09


(Have wanted to start a thread here for AGES!)

OP posts:

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 22/04/2007 12:10

Of course it's unreasonable - it's a fly. It doesn't know about the features of double glazing.

I think you're abusing the fly by having windows


Carmenere · 22/04/2007 12:12

squash him


shouldbedoingsomethingelse · 22/04/2007 12:13

I was wondering this the other day (sad I know ) With all the years of evolution you would think that the fly and indeed the bee would have worked out the structure of a pane of glass!


singingmum · 22/04/2007 12:15

We have bumble bees and wasps at ours.The baning does my head in.However the worst one was a very stupid bird that flew into the window repeatedly.It finally flew off looking rather dazed.
I don't think it's unreasonable.They should learn their lesson


kimi · 22/04/2007 12:26

DH1 walked in to our neighbours patio door at a BBQ (DH1 is tea total)
Then he said oh well you cleaned them Kimi never cleans hers so I can see the glass


Budababe · 22/04/2007 12:27

LOL Kimi! I like that one - I will not clean patio doors for safety reasons!

OP posts:

shouldbedoingsomethingelse · 22/04/2007 12:28

excellent LOL

I was going to clean my patio doors today. Cant now!


RustyBear · 22/04/2007 12:31

Kimi, don't you just love the way he makes him walking into someone else's window your fault......


Jamantha · 22/04/2007 12:59

Singingmum - I used to work in an office that had the windows coated so that you could see out from the inside, but from the outside it looked like a mirror, so you couldn't see in (security as we had lots of computers etc). One time a robin saw it's reflection int he window and tried to attack it, presumably thinking it had a rival and getting all territorial as robins do. For 2 days it repeatedly threw itself against the wondow, trying to fight off the "other" robin. By the end of that it had lost most of the red feathers on its chest and looked in a very sorry state, then it finally conceded defeat and gave up. We tried banging on the window, opening the window, shooing at away etc, but with no success. It was very distressing for us in the office (and presumably for the robin as well) and eventually we had to pull the blinds down as we couldn't bear to watch - though we could of course still hear "thump" periodically as it hot the window pane


Jamantha · 22/04/2007 13:03

And kimi - I walked into a full height window next to the door of an off licence once, thinking it was an open doorway. I knocked my head so hard I ended up with mild concusion (Next morning on the way to work I couldn't remember how old my sister was, so tried to add 9 onto my age and couldn't do it without use of my fingers). Woman in off licence commented that I was the second person to do it that day since they'd cleaned it. Couple of days later I noticed that they'd put a poster on it.


singingmum · 22/04/2007 13:16

It's horrid when they hurt themselves thankfully the bird did seem to learn after a while and as I said flew off.I thought that closing curtains would stop the bird but it def did not work it kept going for a while.

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