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Is this rude/grabby/entitled/MN favourite adjective of choice?

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OvariesForgotHerPassword · 20/07/2017 07:41

We've recently moved to a new private rented house. Included is a "garden", which is actually a small patch of grass in the communal parking area. It's a nice space but quite overgrown. We're settling in in terms of work etc and sorting out the "garden" was on our list of jobs once we were settled.

I've just come back from work. A neighbour has cut down all the overgrown stuff and left his garden fork there with a note asking for money.

Is this a normal neighbour thing? I wouldn't mind if we'd asked him to do it,or said more than "Hi" to him since we've moved in, but it definitely wasn't done when I went to work at 7pm last night. This random neighbour has gone out under cover of darkness, tidied our "garden" and then asked for money. I'm a bit WTF about it all.

Do we pay? Is a box of chocolates and a tenner acceptable or will it turn out that he's some kind of professional gardener and wants £200? Or can I send his garden fork back with a note that says jog on secret gardener, if I wanted you to trim my bush I would've asked?

Or is moving the only option? Is this just the start of random "favours" we'll be billed for?

OP posts:

SaucyJack · 20/07/2017 07:45

Er, no. Not normal.

Sounds like a chancer.


AVY1 · 20/07/2017 07:46

Unless it's part of your tenancy (and if it is it's usually included in your monthly rent) then I wouldn't pay. This is not a service you've asked for!

The only thing I'm wondering is if he had an agreement with previous tenants to do the garden? If that was the situation I may pay but request it isn't done again.


00100001 · 20/07/2017 07:47

Ignore it


AVY1 · 20/07/2017 07:47

(And I don't think it is the latter - gardening at night is a very odd thing to do without bringing in the request for payment!)


StillDrivingMeBonkers · 20/07/2017 07:49

Ignore!!. You didn't contract him to do the work, and neither were you advised as part of your tenancy that he was contracted to do it. Refer him to your landlord!

Leave the fork and the note where they are.


BabsGanoush · 20/07/2017 07:52

I thought it was the landlords job to obtain money from each tenant to pay for jobs like this....not some chancer wanting extra cash.


KoalaDownUnder · 20/07/2017 07:55

What does the note say?! Cheeky is right! Shock

Also, what Babs said.


Nocabbageinmyeye · 20/07/2017 07:57

Jog on secret gardener is definitely the line to take! Chancer!


Lexilooo · 20/07/2017 08:02

Send him a bill for the damaged plants.

Under no circumstances pay him. Don't thank him either, tell him that it was inappropriate to do this without permission.

We had problems with the landlord of some houses near us assuming that our garden belonged to them simply because it is next to their communal parking. We had several issues with them damaging cultivated plants with unsuitable "pruning" then we caught them about to fell our trees which are protected by a tree preservation order. Then they advertised a property for sale with access to our garden! Had to get very heavy with them to make them understand that it wasn't their garden or even a shared garden. In fact I'm still not sure that we have heard the last of it.


Ceto · 20/07/2017 08:12

If he chases the money, tell him it's cancelled out by his liability for damages for trespass and damage to your plants.


CiderwithBuda · 20/07/2017 08:17

Tell him you hadn't realised he had arranged with the landlord to work on the garden and you will speak to the landlord about payment.

I would actually just check with the landlord too and see what they say. We have lived in rented houses where we were responsible for the upkeep of the garden and also in houses where the landlord was responsible and paid for a gardener to come regularly.


senua · 20/07/2017 08:18

left his garden fork there with a note asking for money.

Remove the fork and the note ... then deny all knowledge.Grin


TizzyDongue · 20/07/2017 08:22

How much has he asked for?

Not the 200 you mentioned I hope!! Though asking for anything is not normal unless prearranged.


DesperatelySeekingSushi · 20/07/2017 08:30

jog on secret gardener if I wanted you to trim my bush I would have asked made me smile, thank you.
I would probably have a chat along the lines of why at night, why without permission, just why.Confused
a. To make sure it doesn't happen again
b. To cancel any outstanding agreement with past resident
But to be neighbourly and because it was on my to do list especially if it has been an eyesore for longer than a month, I would ask him how long it took and pay him £10/hour ifin the north, £15/hour if in the south, £12.50 if meeting in the middle. I am a lazy bugger though so would probably offer him those rates and get him to do not my lady garden once a month.


MrsOverTheRoad · 20/07/2017 08:32

I'd take his fork and his note back to him and sternly tell him not to trespass again!


TheSeaTheSkyTheSeaTheSkyyyyyy · 20/07/2017 08:40

Move the fork into the entrance lobby and leave a note with it asking for a tidying-up fee.


Mummyoflittledragon · 20/07/2017 08:49

Legally you have to give the property and garden back in the same condition as you took it on.... minus wear and tear. As far as I'm aware, it is the lls responsibility to trim hedges and trees etc. You just have to mow and weed borders. But again as it was in an awful state when you moved in, this does not apply.

So no, don't pay whatever you do. This chancer was trespassing and didn't get your authority to go onto what is effective your property whilst you live there.


Emmageddon · 20/07/2017 09:02

How bizarre. How much is he asking for? I'd speak to the landlord and ask if this is something he/she has arranged.


lovemycatsanddog · 20/07/2017 09:08

Dont pay,you didnt ask him to do it, and in any case £200 is way over the top,say you will speak to the landlord and ask if he authorised this person to do it,
I think they are taking advantage of you being new tenants
I have just got someone to cut the grass and hedges at my sons house which is up for sale,so needs the garden doing, all in all £65
Also tell him you were going ton do it when you had got settled in, and if its a communal garden, why hasnt it been done before


thereallochnessmonster · 20/07/2017 09:13

This random neighbour has gone out under cover of darkness, tidied our "garden" and then asked for money. I'm a bit WTF about it all.

Shock What a flaming cheek!! The only possible reply is what you suggested: or can I send his garden fork back with a note that says jog on secret gardener, if I wanted you to trim my bush I would've asked?

Or you could paint the front of his house, say, and bill him for that. Madness.


crazykitten20 · 20/07/2017 09:16

I agree with @CiderwithBuda

You don't want to kiss off a new neighbour ( well I wouldn't want to) but you also don't want to look like a dopey pushover.


Miserylovescompany2 · 20/07/2017 09:17

You didn't ask for this job to be done. This person has decided without a prior discussion to do this off their own back - then ask for money?

Em, nope!

If you give money where will this end?


SlothMama · 20/07/2017 09:28

Some people are so cheeky! You didn't ask for it to be done so why should he expect payment?


Agerbilatemycardigan · 20/07/2017 09:41

Definitely looking at normal in the rear-view mirror here OP 🤔

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