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To be seething with the office snitch

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mamma12 · 06/07/2017 21:53

To cut a long story short i work with a very nasty mean spirited man who openly (although never in front of management) makes racist comments. For example my partner is black and he says he moved out of an area when black people started moving in because it meant there were lots of burglaries. There are many many more examples but I don't have time to put then all down.

I've done many jobs but have never ever worked with such a work shy individual. He is constantly sat at his computer reading the daily mail or doing online gambling. He takes at least five fag breaks a day (where he walks around the block for at least 15 minutes) and openly does no work.

My boss went away recently and I took flexi time to do something personal. Two of my colleagues came in late on a couple of occasions but marked their absences in the flexi time record.

Upon my boss's return from holiday he informed on all of us telling my boss that he feels out behaviour is "unprofessional".

aibu to want to i cave his head in tell him what an idiot he is?

OP posts:

MaisyPops · 06/07/2017 21:58

Don't say anything. You probably won't need to assuming his attitude is an open secret.

In my work place there is an older man who is obnoxious, rude and downright unpleasant. The other year he reported a junior member of staff for not leaving their job to attend to something in his department. Seemingly he is untouchable but everyone knows what a dickhead he is. Ignore and humour him seems to be the workplace response to him.

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