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Handing in my notice

14 replies

Stressalot42 · 04/07/2017 21:55

I am shitting myself, what have this company done to me!

I'm a confident older woman, they've worked me into the ground. But they've kept me by paying me bonuses to excuse their awful behaviour.

They're going to use that against me and guilt trip me.

I'm due a bonus for the hours and hours of overtime I've done recently, it's due beginning of August. If they say they are not happy that I'm now leaving and knew I was going to get that bonus should I say don't pay it?

Am I unreasonable to expect the bonus, it is for work already done.

Help me stay strong and get the resignation over with.

OP posts:

Bluesrunthegame · 04/07/2017 21:57

Is it possible to hand in your notice once you've got the bonus? Can you resign in August once the money is in your bank account?


Stressalot42 · 04/07/2017 21:58

Not an option, to be honest I just want out!

Also, other place want me ASAP

OP posts:

venys · 04/07/2017 22:00

How much notice do you need to give? As pp says can you give notice once the bonus is in? Or are you expected at another job? How significant is the bonus? If it is less than you would be earning elsewhere then forget it. I have done that before because my bonus was only worth a couple of days pay.


mummyretired · 04/07/2017 22:01

Some companies pay bonuses as an incentive for staff to stay with the firm, and will not pay them to anyone who has given notice by the date of payment. If your employer has a HR policy document on bonuses or resignation procedure, read it carefully.

No matter how morally justifiable it is for you to get a bonus, if they aren't contractually obliged to pay it to you it may not happen. Depending on the size of the bonus, would it be worth giving less notice?


venys · 04/07/2017 22:01

Cross post. Then just leave, your sanity might be worth more than the bonus amount.


Stressalot42 · 04/07/2017 22:03

It's honestly not the money, it's the principal!

Part of me thinks, keep i don't care about leaving! The other part thinks so I deserve it!

I can't handle a month of grief!

OP posts:

Stressalot42 · 04/07/2017 22:05

TBH I'd give up the bonus tomorrow, to just walk away without having their wrath!

OP posts:

Flisspaps · 04/07/2017 22:14

How big is the bonus?


PippaFawcett · 04/07/2017 22:16

We get bonuses twice a year (totalling about £600 in total so not much) and anyone who leaves before it is paid doesn't receive it.


StillDrivingMeBonkers · 04/07/2017 22:17

How much leave have you got left to take?


Brigante9 · 04/07/2017 22:20

Take it, you earned it.


StillDrivingMeBonkers · 04/07/2017 22:21

Unless you rely on that money, I would go.


Stressalot42 · 04/07/2017 22:21

I've really not got this across properly, whilst I feel I deserve the bonus, I am
Prepared to say keep it as I'm leaving.

They are going to be mega pissed off, but I don't want to just give it back if I should be brave enough to say no I deserve it.

I'd still be employed at the agreed payment date.

They really have been very difficult to work for, so I feel I should stand up for myself

OP posts:

PettsWoodParadise · 04/07/2017 22:48

At my work bonuses are not payable if you've handed in your notice regardless of whether you are there on the day it is due to be paid so do check on that. If you aren't relying on it financially then for your own sanity and also to demonstrate commitment to your new employer - leave sooner rather than wait.

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