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I don't understand

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empitness · 14/06/2017 22:37

Fed up with life generally. A very honest, loving and kind person but never seem to be able to form, long lasting relationship ( friends). I don't bitch or talk people down. I feel sometimes, being not like the most is a problem.
I worry for my Ds and DD, as they might inevitably end up being like me. Which is idyllic but unfortunately not suitable for survival.
Please let me what to do.

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Biscusting · 14/06/2017 22:44

Being like you is "idyllic but unfortunately not suitable for survival"

Yet you are fed up with life generally.

You seem a bit directionless/confused? Maybe you need to focus on something different in your life and let friendships form along the way rather than making them the centre of your unhappiness?


VeryButchyRestingFace · 14/06/2017 22:51

Which is idyllic but unfortunately not suitable for survival.

I don't understand. Do you like your circumstances or don't you?


empitness · 14/06/2017 22:51

Thank you for reply . I don't revolve my life around it but it does cross my mind occasionally.

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empitness · 14/06/2017 22:53

Idyllic to the world , not me

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