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To want to have family time on a Sunday?

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Applesplease · 30/08/2015 17:20

One of my friends has a very family orientated Sunday where the family all get together, have lunch and have a relaxing afternoon together. There's a lot of them and the atmosphere is so lovely.

It's something i would like to start although my family might be trickier to get together and not sure if everyone will be on board.

Do you do this with your family? How does it work?

AIBU to want to do this? Is it old fashioned?

OP posts:

AuntyMag10 · 30/08/2015 17:24

We do this however it's just me, dh and kids. We choose a family activity and do that rather than gathering everyone. We might have the occasional dinner, or lunch with everyone.


BrandNewAndImproved · 30/08/2015 17:26

I don't really do roast dinners and family days on Sunday as the kids have a club for two hours in the middle of the day. I will however once they become teens make a point of us all having Sunday lunch/dinner and a catch up if they're the out of the house all day every day sort of teens.


Ragwort · 30/08/2015 17:37

We certainly don't do that with our extended family - can't even remember the last time we were all in the same room together - probably four years ago Grin.

We don't 'formalise' anything specific although we are often together for part of Sunday - but sometimes I work Sundays and as DH is self employed he often has to work on a Sunday. There are always lots of sports commitments on Sundays though in our household.


HoursTurnIntoDays · 30/08/2015 17:56

My parents kind of expect all us to go to their's on Sundays at 1 or 2 pm but I find it really annoying as it's our one day where both me and DH have off with the DCs. I wouldn't mind going if they made an effort - they do cook dinner but then dad watches TV and ignores everyone - and mum might go for a nap - so we're left sitting bored in their house. I try to avoid it and call over for 30 or 40 mins later in the evening. I should offer to cook dinner for everyone but if all my brothers and sisters turned up it would be too many people


Ragwort · 30/08/2015 20:18

What do you mean - your parents 'expect' you to go over every Sunday Hours- surely you are a grown up with your own husband and children - why can't you just say 'sorry, we have other plans, perhaps you would like to join us for a meal on XXX day'?

You need to learn to be nicely assertive otherwise this could go on for years ............


JawannaDrink · 30/08/2015 20:19

Isn't this your second thread on the same thing?

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