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This is just ever so slightly taking the piss?

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MotherOfBleach · 18/08/2015 00:02

Occasionally I get to have a drink with my sisters. They bring their children, naturally.

I expect the kids to want snacks. I deliberately bought extra snacks for tonight.

My eldest joked that that her cousins must not get
fed before nights at ours based upon their need for snacks upon being left in our kitchen.

My sis then admitted she only gives her dc (all 4 of them) a light snack before coming to mine because she knows I will fill them up with crap although my sister's eldest asked my children to make her pasta she was so hungry. This could be a lie.

This is cheeky, no?

yes I am very, extremely drunk

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WalfordEast · 18/08/2015 00:04

Maybe your sister doesn't want to be rude because your supplying food- crap or not? Or maybe she wants her DCs to be able to join in with her cousins. Or maybe, yeah, she is just taking advantage- but I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. It's nothing, really.


DeandraReynolds · 18/08/2015 00:05

If my sister came round with her kids I'd do them some pasta or a pizza.


horsewalksintoabar · 18/08/2015 00:06

Sleep it off. It's really no big deal.


MotherOfBleach · 18/08/2015 00:16

No, I don't think she would have expected me to give them dinner. This was an adults only but you if haven't got a sitter type party, as opposed to my sis will feed 'em any way type shin dig.

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