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To let dd watch TV?

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Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 14:55

Dd is 21 months and since she was about 1, she has been interested in the TV so I put CBeebies on for her. Now, when we are at home and in the lounge I will put it on as background noise. She doesn't watch a lot, but will watch Bing with huge concentration and also loves In the night garden. I don't feel there is anything wrong with her watching abut of age appropriate TV but have had a few comments from some people such as "oh I wouldn't let my dd watch TV at this age" and "why has she got a bing toy, she must watch a lot of it to know who he is" and when I have said things about dd loving bing I have had comments in perhaps a judgemental, superior way about how their dc wouldn't even know who that is.

I don't think I'm being U, but do start to doubt myself when I get comments like this!!

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mumofboyo · 07/08/2015 15:05

tell them to sod off and mind their own business
it's kids' TV for crying out loud - not like they're watching wall-to-wall porn!
Mine watch TV and read the related books and magazines. they use the story lines as a basis for role-play. they learned about reflections in peppa pig and we took it further by finding out about other reflective surfaces. they learned about milling corn in Ben & Holly and were able to think back to it when we turned a real grindstone at fountains abbey the other week.
in short, if you use it right it can be a great learning tool.


WorraLiberty · 07/08/2015 15:07


All things in moderation is the key.

I expect one day your friends will learn this too.


Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 15:08

Thank you. Yes she has learnt lots from some programmes, random words which I would never have thought to teach her etc.

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FoulsomeAndMaggotwise · 07/08/2015 15:09

YANBU, the TV is a life saver for me (2yo and 5month old).

I wouldn't have it on as background noise though, it can make it harder for them to focus on what you're saying and hinder their language development - not that I'm an expert. I think a chosen programme or at a chosen time while you need to get stuff done is absolutely fine.


MrsLeighHalfpenny · 07/08/2015 15:09

I'm not against kids watching TV. But I hate TV being used as background noise. I would put the TV on for a couple of programmes she likes, and then switch it off again.


Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 15:10

That's a good point Foul, thank you.

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FoulsomeAndMaggotwise · 07/08/2015 15:10

(I mean if it's on literally all the time it can be detrimental - the odd hour or two is not going to have that effect.)


YakTriangle · 07/08/2015 15:10

Nothing wrong with it in moderation. Anyone who says otherwise is a judgy smug git.


Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 15:16

Leigh, yes that's what we tend to do tbh. My post wasn't very clear, I meant we used to have it as background noise till we worked out her favourite programmes!

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minesapintofwine · 07/08/2015 15:17

Gah. Typed a long post that vanished...

The main point was YADNBU

As for people who say their dc don't know who Bing is-how do the parents know who Bing is? Why do they think these programmes are made? For adults? They are aimed at young dc and can be educational.

I try to get my dc out and about as much as possible, and playing, but I always think God Bless the telly.

Oh and the majority of children I see have some tv character branded item. Do those judge pants question everyone?


ApocalypseThen · 07/08/2015 15:17

I'm a judgy, smug git, but I just don't think a child that young needs to watch tv, particularly not as background noise.

A couple of hours a week won't hurt but on in the background is bad for concentration and hinders language acquisition.

Having said that, I don't like tv on during the daytime anyway - ours doesn't go on before the six o'clock news so I accept that I'm particularly anti tv.

Obviously each to their own, but if you're asking, it doesn't seem right to me.


WorraLiberty · 07/08/2015 15:20

Actually when Ms or Mr Smug said "why has she got a bing toy, she must watch a lot of it to know who he is"

You should have replied with, "Oh so you don't read Bing books to your child at bedtime then?" Wink


Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 15:21

Apocalypse, as I've said I worded my op wrong and we don't tend to have it on as background anymore, but if we are at home and not doing anything, I will put her programmes on for a bit. Like others have said, particularly if I need to get something done quickly (it's amazing how much housework I can get done in 7 minutes!!)

OP posts:

Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 15:22

Worra, I shall use that line next time! Grin

OP posts:

starlight2007 · 07/08/2015 15:22

There were concerns about laguage development and my Ds had delayed speech..But when he did speak he would say carstle parrth. etc.. it turns it was from cbeebies..

I am sure here there will be a selection of people objecting.. I think some things are important.. no Tv at meal times and also when reading


ahbollocks · 07/08/2015 15:22

Mine does (similar age)
It's fine


WorraLiberty · 07/08/2015 15:22

I think the biggest hindrance of language acquisition these days, is having parents glued to their mobile phones.

At least the TV 'talks' to children Grin


Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 15:26

Worra Grin that's very true!!

OP posts:

duckydinosaur · 07/08/2015 17:08

YABU - they recommend no screen time before 3. Maybe she would enjoy you actually playing or interacting with her instead? TV is lazy parenting - we all know it.


Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 17:10

Where did I say I don't interact or play with her?????

OP posts:

Jengnr · 07/08/2015 17:14

Meh, we have the TV on all the time when we're in. He dips in and out of CBeebies. It hasn't had a negative effect at all.

On the list of things I might get bothered about it's nowhere near the top.


BlueberryWafer · 07/08/2015 17:14

Ducky, who is "they"? Speech and language therapists, and lots of other professionals actually say no screen time before age 2, not 3. If you're going to be judgemental at least get your facts straight Wink


Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 17:16

Ducky, are you the person I'm talking about in my op?? Wink

OP posts:

Lj8893 · 07/08/2015 17:18

And I would rather be a lazy parent for letting my dd watch 20 minutes of TV a day, than be a judgemental idiot Smile

OP posts:

WorraLiberty · 07/08/2015 17:21

Fucking hell. I was a child of the 70s with an old black and white telly and only 3 channels on it.

Even then I managed to watch about half an hour of Noddy/Rupert the bear and came out totally unscathed...

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