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AIBU to think a cleaner could befriend my dog?

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SweetFannyMadams · 02/07/2015 11:04

Ddog currently has a fantastic dogwalker who takes him out every weekday in a pack of 5 other doggy mates for 2 hours off the lead walk in the countryside

In the new year, we are moving 2.5 hours away and so will lose her

Also in the new year, I will be starting a new role at work and will have to work overtime from home - we struggle as it is to keep on top of housework, as we hate having to spend our weekends cleaning - we prefer taking Ddog hiking/on minibreaks etc...

In the new (much larger) house, Ddog will have free access to the garden via a dogflap from the kitchen all day.

I am debating getting a cleaner to do the housework we don't have time for, but also to be a bit of company for Ddog for a few hours a day

Is it hugely U to ask the cleaner to water plants, clean obviously, and give the dog his dinner?

Totally prepared to be told I'm taking a bloody liberty - never had a cleaner before (though have been one myself) and wouldn't bat an eyelid to someone asking me to feed with/chat to their dog, anymore than I would to them asking me to iron their clothes.

But then I am a doglover!

thanks all!

OP posts:

reni1 · 02/07/2015 11:08

Don't think it would be a problem as long as you make it clear from the outset to make sure you don't hire one who is terrified of dogs. My cleaner would do it I'm sure she also feeds kids and puts an extra jumper on them if she feels it's necessary


Backforthis · 02/07/2015 11:13

Is this as well as getting another dog walker?


Thurlow · 02/07/2015 11:13

I'd say that sounds fine, as long as it's clear from the outset that is what you'd like. You'd need a cleaner who likes dogs anyway if the dog is going to be in your house while they are there.

I'd imagine you'd have more luck with self-employed cleaners than agency cleaners though?


SweetFannyMadams · 02/07/2015 11:14

reni1 your cleaner sounds fab!

I know of people who will be in for the Tesco delivery, put the food away, hang washing out, load and unload dishwasher etc... for their employers, so wasn't sure if dog socialisation was similar Grin

Would definitely ask for a cleaner who is OK with dogs - and possibly hire a dog walker as well. Trouble is I will be working from home at least one day a week, usually more, but sporadically, so different days every week

OP posts:

usualsuspect333 · 02/07/2015 11:17

I dunno. I kind of think that a cleaner is paid to clean not look after your dog.


SweetFannyMadams · 02/07/2015 11:19

If the cleaner was a dog lover, I reckon we wouldn't bother with a dog walker too, as Ddog will have his usual long, off lead walk in the morning and evening and will obviously be able to use the garden if he needs the toilet during the day. We take him on long rambles at weekends for socialisation with other dogs and people.

He sleeps all day long when I work from home - I have to wake him up and persuade him to go for a walk at lunchtime, but I do think he'd be less content if he was completely alone all day...

Not sure if dogwalker would agree to once or twice a week though as not sure we could afford both cleaner and dogwalker

OP posts:

SweetFannyMadams · 02/07/2015 11:20

usual - I think that's my dilemma, I think introducing a dog is kind of a grey area between occasional cleaner and housekeeper? We definitely can't afford a housekeeper! Grin

OP posts:

blink1552 · 02/07/2015 11:20

How about advertising for a housekeeper rather than cleaner?


WorldsBiggestGrotbag · 02/07/2015 11:20

It would depend on the cleaner. We had a cleaner who doubled up as a dog walker, obviously all agreed in advance. We lived temporarily at our IL's and their gardener used to take our dog for walks too!


CMOTDibbler · 02/07/2015 11:25

My cleaner would, in fact she does if we are out (and also chicken/cat sits, babysits, and is a general all round wonderful woman). She works for herself and has her own dogs. She's the family we wish we had around.


SweetFannyMadams · 02/07/2015 11:28

Thanks all - I think I will approach cleaners in the area and be very up front about Ddog and agree requirements before hand

In theory it would be, hovering, dusting, cleaning bathroom and kitchen and feeding Ddog.

OP posts:

Mrsjayy · 02/07/2015 11:29

I was just away to say what a pp just said its a housekeeper you need not a cleaner as you need them to do other bits and pieces for you.


SaucyJack · 02/07/2015 11:31

It'd be fine as long as you were clear from the start.

Despite what you'd believe from reading AIBU, lots of people genuinely like dogs and I'm sure would be at least as happy to be paid to walk a dog as they are to scrub skid marks off the side of someone's toilet.


Backforthis · 02/07/2015 11:33

I think it's fine to ask for a dog friendly cleaner who will also feed him but if you've got a set time to do cleaning in then personally I'd want to crack on with that and not have a furry helper. I do have a dog that hates hoover and sees all cleaning products as potential snacks though.

If your dog is used to long, off-lead countryside rambles with plenty of dog playmates he'll be bored with just a visit from the cleaner. You might be able to make a deal with a dog walking company who does a collect and countryside group walk service to take him 3 days a week, specific days to be agreed at 7 days notice.


IamtheDevilsAvocado · 02/07/2015 11:33

Would just e very upfront about your needs... I'm sure you can find someone who is good at both!

Don't forget - you're tje employer you can ask them to do what you need! As long as you say so from the beginning...


flora717 · 02/07/2015 11:34

I love my 10 min walk with the lovely dog of the house I do general cleaning / organising tasks in. (I'm called a Personal Assistant, I drive my employer to appointments or shops; I help her pack bags or clear out wardrobes; I clean; I sometimes garden. Most visits I will hoover, give the bathroom a clean; check stocks of medical supplies; and walk her dog - the other tasks vary).


EponasWildDaughter · 02/07/2015 11:35

I've done domestic cleaning and i would do it. I would and have combined the cleaning with animal letting in and out/feeding/rug washing and tack cleaning (horses)/even a quick bit of grooming and a bit of chicken rounding up! I've been willing to make tea for gardeners and waited in for the odd parcel. Sometimes these xtras meant that the basic cleaning took a bit of a knock as there's only so much you can do in a morning. That was always fine by my employers.

However I expected to be told in advance of starting the job that my role was this varied and flexible, not have it sprung on me, AND get an extra £ or two per hour over the going rate in the area for a basic cleaner.


BastardGoDarkly · 02/07/2015 11:40

He gets a two hour walk in the morning, evening, AND you wake him up to go for a walk at lunchtime?! Confused he's probably knackered!

Back to the point though... as a cleaner I'd be more than happy to do less cleaning and more chilling with the dog. As long as there was enough time to do the cleaning you required too.


Heidistillyodels · 02/07/2015 11:40

If you don't want to get a housekeeper I think it's fine to ask the cleaner as long as you are upfront about it and manage to find a dog lover. We previously had a cleaner who loved cats. We didn't ask her to do anything for the cat but she would bring in treats, spend a bit of time with the cat and lavish attention and affection on her all while doing the cleaning!


RB68 · 02/07/2015 11:40

I think as long as you are clear when you employ them they will do what you want/ask. If they are not prepared to do it then its "next"

Occasional dogwalking is available most places ie Mon and Thur or twice a week to be agreed each Sun or something. Most dogwalkers are very flexible. We have 3 dogsitters that also walk. None of them are regular. We prefer the more local one but the other two are there as back up if we want a weekend away and our preferred one is not available.

We also work from home but hubs is often away for long periods and it is all just too much for one person to do everything and work too so sometimes it doesn't all fit in the day so I can pop her a text and she will come and do a walk for us.

Personally I would advertise for a housekeeper/cleaner who is a doglover so then you can cover off what is included and what you will pay - it won't nec be more than a cleaner per hour but you may have to pay for more hours


AliceAnneB · 02/07/2015 11:44

Our cleaner walks out dog if we need her to. She also stays at the house and looks after him and the cats while we are away. She's fantastic. We got her through a leaflet in the door. Just be upfront about the duties and time required. I wouldn't use an agency. Perhaps post on the local Facebook site for mums. They tend to have good recommendations for service people.


Viviennemary · 02/07/2015 11:47

I think it could work if you get somebody who is a dog lover. But the thing is if somebody is entertaining a dog I don't think they can get on with the housework as quickly. Qute happy to be proved wrong! So if you said 2 hours housework plus one hour dog walking that could work but not really the two things together.


paulapompom · 02/07/2015 11:51

I would love to do it, love dogs but can't have one. I am a carp cleaner though! As pps have said it's possible, just be clear


SweetFannyMadams · 02/07/2015 11:53

Thanks all

bastard - sorry, I wasn't clear: he gets the two hour country walk with dogwalker at the moment, around midday. In the morning and evening me and DP pop to the park and back with him for his poos and wees and also playing with other dogs on the way - morning and evening is a leisurely stroll at the moment.

If we were to give up his lunchtime big walk, we would give him two bigger walks, once in the morning and once in the evening, and ideally ask the cleaner to give him his dinner midday, to break up the day

We are only two of us, so we don't require that much cleaning: it's the cleaning of tiles, windows, sinks, bath, floors that we need doing - we keep on top of day to day clutter as we go, so he/she wouldn't be slowed down by the dog at all

Thinking maybe we have cleaner twice a week, dog walker once or twice a week, and I'm working from home the rest of the time? A flexible dogwalker would be wonderful.

OP posts:

crje · 02/07/2015 11:55

Think it's fine , a few I know book the cleaners for babies nap times & head out for coffee.

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