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weight loss related, am I being impatient?

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MissMalteser · 23/05/2013 13:19

So been on a diet for the last 4/5 weeks now, had a total of 2 stone to lose and having lost 12 pounds am almost halfway there, but... I cannot see any difference in myself at all! Well, a little on my face, but surely the start of that double chin wasn't harbouring nearly a stone's worth of fat?
It's so annoying as everyone knows im dieting so keep asking how im doing and im afraid to say as I don't want them scrutinising me wondering if its all came off my cankles!
Aibu to have expected to notice a difference by now? I am a size 12 who was creeping into a 14 btw

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yaimee · 23/05/2013 13:23

It's always hard to see a difference when you see yourself every day. Keep up the good work, I'm sure you look great! Your clothes will start to feel more loose soon and you'll notice it more!
Well done, losing 12lb is amazing!


yaimee · 23/05/2013 13:24

Sorry, meant to say, the difference will be more obvious to other people.


BabetteAteOatmeal · 23/05/2013 13:25

Speaking for myself I find it's not helpful to focus too much on weight. I exercise as well as dieting and getting trimmer is what makes me see the difference in my body shape. It helps then to ignore the scales!


LadyintheRadiator · 23/05/2013 13:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissMalteser · 23/05/2013 13:31

Thank you yaimee, dh will look every now and again and say oh yes you have lost weight but hes obliged to say that really :)

And babette if I focused on feeling trim and not the scales I would have given it up as a bad job because im not seeing any difference! I have been at my goal weight before and looking at myself now compared to then, I just can't see I am halfway there :(

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MissMalteser · 23/05/2013 13:35

No ladyintheradiator I didn't take measurements, I never usually have before but when wearing clothes like jeans and things I can tell they are not getting tighter which is good but they don't feel any looser either! Soo frustrating

OP posts:

Cailinsalach · 23/05/2013 13:43

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, just routine stuff, he told me to hop on the scales and then pointed to a chart that clearly indicated that I am 2 stone overweight. 2 stone! 28 pounds....aaaaaaargggghhhh.

So I've started my diet straight away. If I lose 12 lbs I would be so delighted. Your clothes should be a bit loser or fit better. Wear something you haven't worn in ages and see if you notice a difference.

Good luck.


shewhowines · 23/05/2013 13:49

3 to 4 pounds of that will be just emptying your stomach so you've probably lost half a stone of "real" weight. You've begun to notice the difference in your chin. From now on, you will really start to notice.

Keep strong. It will be worth it in the end. It's very easy to give up when you are feeling really disheartened, but now is the time you will start really noticing it.


Tee2072 · 23/05/2013 13:53

"3 to 4 pounds of that will be just emptying your stomach..."

Sorry? What?

MissM take your measurements now. I didn't notice my own weight loss/trimming up until I started to measure. I don't think I look that different and honestly didn't notice my clothes fitting better until I had actual numbers!


FrenchRuby · 23/05/2013 13:55

It took me about 4 stone before I saw the differene in myself, others noticed it sooner.


MissMalteser · 23/05/2013 13:59

I might actually measure myself today, but (silly question probably) where do I measure? I am not put off the diet as I feel I am really in my stride now and I know its working so hopefully the measuring thing will be just what I need!
Cailinsalach good luck with your diet, the starting point is the worse but it does get easier :)
Shewhowines I think this weight loss is probably accurate as if anything I am eating more! But just better

OP posts:

Tee2072 · 23/05/2013 14:04

I measure my waist and my hips.

Are you using any sort of tracker, like My Fitness Pal? Because they have a place to record such things and have a nifty little graph to show you how awesome you're doing!


DreamsTurnToGoldDust · 23/05/2013 14:10

Im also losing weight, dd and I have started taking photos of ourselves once a month in just our underware, front shot, both sides and back. Quite hard to look at to start with but you can really see the difference after a couple of months, and it has been a good encouragement for me.


MissMalteser · 23/05/2013 14:14

Tee no im not but that graph of awesomeness sounds great :) will check it out, thanks
Dreams yet another great idea! Just have to remember not to share my phone with dd as she likes to look and show my pics to anyone who'll look lol!

OP posts:

DreamsTurnToGoldDust · 23/05/2013 14:20

Ha ha no, the photos have no heads and are put straight away in a secret file that only dd and I have access to! There was a funny one last week, I took dds photo of her behind and ds (4) photo bombed it with the biggest cheshire grin Grin


Tee2072 · 23/05/2013 14:23

It's free too, MissM. There's actually a MN thread about it somewhere.


Darkesteyes · 23/05/2013 16:56

Ive been dieting for 5 weeks too. Ive cut out the obvious junk but ive also cut out pasta potatoes and bread.
Ive been eating 2 weetabix for breakfast and skinless chicken fish and veg. I havent got any scales but clothes are looser.

Theres no way ive lost 12 pounds though. So how have you lost that much OP.


Darkesteyes · 23/05/2013 16:58

Going by my clothes i seem to have lost off my hips and stomach.


Darkesteyes · 23/05/2013 17:03

I have about 4 stone to lose.


JerseySpud · 23/05/2013 18:03

Im on WW and have so far lost over 2 stone. but i still see myself as the fat blob.

All i can say is go by your clothes and one day you will put somehting on and go 'Wow'


Bumpotato · 23/05/2013 18:10

I've been dieting since the end of Jan and I've lost just over 11 lbs. I was at 13.5 but put some back on due to drinking heavily following a bereavement. I'm back on track now and hope to have a stone off in the next few weeks and another couple of stone at least after that.

I can't see any difference in the mirror but my fat jeans that I was bursting out of have become looser.

Keep going. Put 12 lbs of tins from your cupboard into a rucksack and try and h


Bumpotato · 23/05/2013 18:11

Sorry hit send too soon...

Try and hold that rucksack out in front of you for a bit, I bet it isn't easy!


MissMalteser · 23/05/2013 20:35

Darkesteyes pretty much the same way you have, eating 6 small meals a day:

porridge with water for breakfast,
fruit mid morning
Lunch consisting of tuna or chicken salad,
Rice cake with lowfat cheese or peanut butter in the afternoon
Dinner of either 30 grams rice or a small sweet potato, along with chicken/fish or steak and lots of green veg/salad

No bread, pasta, cakes, oil, low on dairy, one meal a week off and not my usual whole weekend off lol

Its hard at the start getting used to cooking without oil and sauces but now im used to it and cant see me ever going back to how I used to eat, if I eat bread or pasta with my cheat meal I feel so sluggish and tired the whole day after

Congrats to everyone on their weight loss:)

OP posts:

myBOYSareBONKERS · 23/05/2013 20:45

don't understand the "stomach emptying" comment either . . .


Darkesteyes · 23/05/2013 21:24

Miss Malteser Thankyou. With me it was hell for the first 3 -4 weeks. SOOO hungry but its getting better now.
My congrats to everyone too.

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