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to use P Plates when driving?

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AndWhenYouGetThere · 14/05/2013 16:02

I've just passed my driving test (4th time!) and am debating purchasing some P Plates.

According to my driving instructor, drivers are nicer to P plate holders, who are more vulnerable than L plates because they are solely in charge of the vehicle. Other drivers know this and are therefore less likely to bully them due to the possibility of pushing them into making a mistake and potentially causing an accident.

WIBBU to buy and use P plates? Do you agree that displaying P plates is a good idea?

OP posts:

CajaDeLaMemoria · 14/05/2013 16:07

Wasn't there a big study that said people with 'P' plates are treated worse than everyone else?

While nice people will treat you with respect anyway, there are those that will see 'P' plates as an excuse to drive too close/try to overtake/generally be twats.

I wouldn't bother, personally. I mean, you've passed! You can drive! That nervousness will go as you get used to it, and if everyone is keeping their distance because of your 'P' plates, it'll be really daunting whenever you take them off. And if you encounter a lot of dicks because of them, that'll put you off driving.

Give it a few drives, and then take a pass plus test if you still aren't feeling confident?


DragonMamma · 14/05/2013 16:08

Congratulations on passing your test - I remember what a great feeling it is.

YANBU to buy and use P plates but personally I think you're either ready to be on the road or you aren't and when I do see the odd P plate I assume somebody's forgotten to take them off.

I drove a 400 mile round trip to a festival 4 days after I passed and it was the best thing that I could have done - boosted my confidence no end. Drivers who won't drive on motorways get on my nerves, they shouldn't be driving at all of they are that nervous.


burberryqueen · 14/05/2013 16:10

my instructor advised against P plates as twatty drivers see them as a target. Take dragonmamma's advice and go on a long long road trip to build your confidence.


WileyRoadRunner · 14/05/2013 16:10

YANBU I am always patient with learners and anyone displaying P plates.

I could be mistaken and probably am but in some countries it is required to display P plates for a year after passing.


AThingInYourLife · 14/05/2013 16:10

They have compulsory R plates here, and I think they are quite a good idea.

(Although some of the restrictions imposed on R plate drivers are bananas.)


manticlimactic · 14/05/2013 16:49

I didn't bother with them. My instructor said if the impatient drivers are tossers to the L plates they'll be tossers to a P plate just as much.

I was forever stalling at lights/on hills when I first passed. At one point I was in tears and ready to abandon the car at one set of lights as the queue behind was huuuuge! I ended up putting my hazards on until people drove round me and I had calmed down. No one beeped or got pissed off like they did before. I agree that a long trip and going on roads you're nervous of will get your confidence up.


DoJo · 14/05/2013 19:14

I think you always feel more self-conscious when you are a new driver, but don't forget that nobody else knows. If you wait for a bigger gap at a roundabout, nobody will think 'Oh, what an underconfident new driver' - at worst, they might think 'they could probably have pulled out there' and not even give a second thought to whether you are a new driver or not. There are plenty of cautious drivers on the road, but if you draw attention to yourself with P plates then people are much more likely to notice if you seem hesitant and assume that you will be holding them up for as long as they are behind you. Congratulations by the way!


IrritatingInfinity · 14/05/2013 19:19

I would use them if I had just passed my test. I would give a P plate driver more consideration. I think most people old.

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