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To reconsider using cloth nappies?

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happygonicky · 07/04/2013 23:44

I'm sold on the idea, both from a green and economic point of view. But I'm using a variety of different types (bum genius, totbots, little lambs, bambino mio etc) on my ten-week old and they're starting to leak? Several changes of clothes a day... I'm already reaching for the disposables at night-time. Where am .I going wrong? Should I be using boosters? If so, do I just add them to the rest if the nappy?


OP posts:

selsigfach · 08/04/2013 00:02

Yes, bamboo boosters preferably. Just stuff into the pocket.


selsigfach · 08/04/2013 00:03

Or try a bamboo two-part, especially at night.


MsVestibule · 08/04/2013 00:09

YABU to use cloth nappies at all Wink. I honestly don't get it and I'm quite tight and will generally go for the greener option where I can. It has been proved that the cost difference and ecological benefit (although the study I read was about 3 years ago) between disposables and nappies is marginal.


attheendoftheday · 08/04/2013 01:04

Are you sure that you're putting the wraps on tightly enough and with no little gaps? That's what make mine leak.

That said, although I love my cloth nappies I use disposables at night because they do stay dry better over a long period. I figure only using one every 24 hours is better (and cheaper) than using them all the time.


anonymosity · 08/04/2013 01:11

Yes I heard the difference was negligible due to the amount of water you use washing the buggers.


helibee · 08/04/2013 01:38

Definitely use boosters. Are you using pocket nappies, all in ones or ones that require a wrap? Have a wee look on cloth nappy tree as well, they will be able to give you some advice Smile


PurplePidjin · 08/04/2013 04:49

According to studies by disposable nappy manufacturers, if you buy brand new nappies every six months, wash at 60* using full powder and conditioner, tumble dry and iron them there is no cost or environmental benefit.

If you buy the nappies you need, wash at 40* using minimal powder and no conditioner (which keeps the nappies in better shape), line dry and don't iron them (seriously why would you?!) then you'll save £500+ and do an immense amount of good by not clogging up landfill. You can also use the same nappies on multiple children, effectively nappying a second or third child for free.

I get leaks from: legs not tight enough, nappy on too long or not boosted enough, nappy too big, between popper sizes. I also have a mixture, but rely on Totsbots Easyfits and Realeasies by Hip Hip Baby for days (we're in between poppers on the cheapies) and bamboo fitteds with a booster and wool soaker over night. Day nappies last 3-4 hours, night ones 10-12 with booster.

Wool and fleece don't leak although you can get compression wicking eg in a car seat. Which is why i only use them at night.

Eco nappies don't biodegrade in landfill because of the lack of oxygen.


Fairylea · 08/04/2013 06:11

I don't care about the environmental reasons - I use cloth because it stops my ds getting nappy rash. He's been allergic to every single disposable we've tried.

However I do have to boost my nappies with bamboo boosters and even a hemp booster too in some of them.

In my experience pocket nappies are better long term as its easier to add boosters etc whereas the all in ones are more fiddly to add to.

I prefer Charlie banana sized nappies with 2 inserts as my nappy of choice.. hardly ever leak.

Also I've always had to.change cloth nappies every 2 hours whereas disposables do last 3-4 hours.....


junemami · 08/04/2013 06:50

This must be really frustrating! At 10 weeks you're dc is still small, so could the fit be letting you down, esp if your using btp nappies?
You don't mention if you're using 2 parters or all in ones. Two parters have a double layer of protection but you need good wraps. Motherease rikki or airflow I found excellent and the smaller sizes can be picked up v cheaply on eBay.

How are you washing them? As pp said you shouldn't use softener aa this will affect absorbency.

I second changing every 2 hours during the day, and with wake ups during the night at this stage. Must confess I uses disposables at night until about 6 months just to make life easier.

As far as boosting, this may be difficult on such a small baby without making his/her bum enormous! When you have leaks is the rest of the nappy saturated? If so you prob need to change more frequently. If not then there's probably wicking going in-nappy inner is in contact with clothing & fluid is being squeezed out. Make sure the wrap/outer is covering the whole inner & liner etc & clothing isn't too tight eg vests pulled tight to do them up (you can get vest extenders)

Good info on the nappy lady page (esp re washing) & you can ask for specific advice by posting on her fb page.

That said I think ya(a bit)u for posting here! Try the nappies board (under products) Smile


WidowWadman · 08/04/2013 06:54

I used cloth nappies for no 1 for 2 years and moved to disposables when we began using pull-ups for potty training. We were insistent on how great it was, and how little work probably also to justify the initial purchase cost to ourselves.

When no 2 was born, it was quite a wet summer and we couldn't get them to dry quickly enough - and without much guilt we switched to disposables. Lo and behold, much less leaks, much less rash etc.
No regrets.


happygonicky · 08/04/2013 07:13

Thank you so much for all the replies!

Using all-in-ones mainly. I do have a few two-parters and haven't used them as much. I'll start using them more - they're motherease with rikki wrap. Sounds like boosting will help too, though it will add a bit of bulk. The fit is probably adding to the problem so I'll bear that in mind and be patient while she grows.

I aim to change her every couple of hours, but sometimes it's a bit longer and that's probably partly when problem occurs.

I might just carry on using disposables at night, don't really want to do night-time nappy changes unless really have too.

Thanks so much for the guidance and support - I remain committed to reusables!

OP posts:

slackdan · 08/04/2013 10:31

Well done happygonicky in being committed! As was mentioned above, the 'studies' suggesting that there is no environmental benefit use some very dubious assumptions & completely ignore the issue of landfill.

I think you will find 2 parts are better on a little one & bamboo (possibly boosted) will last the longest. Something like these or these. At 10 weeks, it might be a bit much to expect to go through the night without changing though regardless of what nappy you use. Remember, every baby is different!


soverylucky · 08/04/2013 10:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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