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To ask MN - is this a good deal?!

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slightlyunbalanced · 18/05/2011 23:12

Full gym membership for £42.99 a month - includes use of gym, full sized pool, all classes, and the Spa anytime of day weekends etc?

Have no idea?! Confused

OP posts:

squeakytoy · 18/05/2011 23:13

Yep that is a very good deal. It is the same as mine.


PaisleyLeaf · 18/05/2011 23:13

How often will you use the gym, pool classes, spa?


slightlyunbalanced · 18/05/2011 23:15

Don't know but you only have to sign up for 3 months? I like the classes but they are £5 a time without membership.

OP posts:

ChippingIn · 18/05/2011 23:16

Mine is £23.50 and that's in the expensive South East, but it is a community centre gym not a lush private one.


slightlyunbalanced · 18/05/2011 23:19

This is a large private leisure centre, but is open to public.

OP posts:

ChippingIn · 18/05/2011 23:19

Well surely the point is (if you like the place) how many times will you go in a month? You have to go 9 times to 'break even'. Or find a local community gym and wait for the summer joining special :) [mine would normally be £47 pcm, but I joined on a special and as long as you stay a member the price will remain at £23.50]


Bogeyface · 18/05/2011 23:20

A bargain is only a bargain if you will use it.

Tally up what classes you could reasonably commit to and would stick with over the the threemonths, plus swimming and gym sessions and price them up. If it comes to less than the £43 ish then no it isnt! If it comes to more then yes it is a good deal. Then sign up for the 3 months and keep a tally on how much you actually use it and compare again, then you can decide whether to re-sign or not.

I had what I thought was a great deal at a private gym (was less than you would be paying) but when it came to it, I just couldnt commit to enough sessions to make it financially worthwhile so I cancelled and went back to paying per session.


squeakytoy · 18/05/2011 23:20

It costs 4.10 a time to go swimming at mine, and as I go at least 3 times a week it is well worth being a member for me.

I love my daily routine now of half hour gym, half hour swim, 15 minute steam room. :)


slightlyunbalanced · 18/05/2011 23:26

Ooohhhh keeping a tally is such a good idea thank you!

OP posts:

pippala · 18/05/2011 23:31

That's a very good deal.
We pay £299 per month for 7 day golf membership for DH and both of us for health and fitness membership.
We joined in Jan which was free for one month but we have to sign up for 12months.
We have been swimming and gym 1-3 times a week and since Jan DH played golf 3 times.
I dare not work out the cost per round or swim!


Bogeyface · 18/05/2011 23:36


Really?! WOW!


cookcleanerchaufferetc · 19/05/2011 07:39

I called a chain gym to get the cost of a special 3 month only package - they wanted almost a grand for a family! I actually told them they were ridiculous!


cookcleanerchaufferetc · 19/05/2011 07:40

And we aren't the Duggars!

(20 and counting!, American show)


sausagesandmarmelade · 19/05/2011 07:42

I wouldn't pay that..because I work full time and wouldn't get my money's worth.

Unfortunately most gyms seem to do these sort of memberships rather than operate sessions on a pay as you go basis.

Their loss really!

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