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arsene wenger is getting stick on the radio. Do you gunners want rid of him

3 replies

GabbyLoggon · 24/04/2011 19:00

I think it would be reasonable if you did....but I think he will get another crack next season

OP posts:

GypsyMoth · 24/04/2011 19:01

he'll be fine!


Vallhala · 24/04/2011 19:05

Agreed, ILT.

Besides, I don't want him at a loose end at the end of the season... !


Mandy2003 · 24/04/2011 20:28

He's been fine before, he'll be fine again!

I used to live in Avenell Road, I'm a Gooner thru & thru!

Can I make a football related comment on a forum Grin

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