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to have eaten three Greggs Hot x Buns today and am considering devouring a 4th?

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ShuffleBallChange · 20/04/2011 20:02

I bought a six pack yesterday and there is only one left - I have no self control!!

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Meow75 · 20/04/2011 20:04

Oh, just eat it. I wouldn't think twice about it - do you think that's why I'm a size 22?!?!

Still gonna eat some sea salted pretzels now. Don't care.


mousesma · 20/04/2011 20:06

I think at this point any pretence at self control is a bit pointless! just eat it :)


gastonscave · 20/04/2011 20:06

Me too I'm actually the same. Have brought all the ingredients today and will make my own tonight.


BeatRoute · 20/04/2011 20:07

It would be wrong to leave it in the packet on its own.


BeerTricksPotter · 20/04/2011 20:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MillsAndDoom · 20/04/2011 20:10

What they said ^


Flisspaps · 20/04/2011 20:29

YABU... have not eaten all six in one sitting, smothered with butter.


thefurryone · 20/04/2011 20:34

I bought a pack of 12 little caramel shortcake covered in chocolate things yesterday and there are now only 2 left, thinking that I may have to buy another packet tomorrow and eat a few just in case DH notices how quickly I've gone through them Blush

So no I don't think YABU at all Smile


ApocalypseCheeseToastie · 20/04/2011 20:45

It will be lonely sat there by itself Sad Poor crossy Sad


MrsBananaGrabber · 20/04/2011 20:49

I have a posh wedding coming up in two weeks, i'm still carrying my baby weight from 4 month old DD, so what did I do today, eat 2 donuts, I feel sick.


ShuffleBallChange · 21/04/2011 07:13

Oh Mrs BG, my baby is 4 months too, I don't know how much longer I can keep saying 'I've just had a baby' for, explaining away my heaviness, although I did it for nearly 5 years with DS1, lost all the weight then got pregnant again!!! I have just had the last hot cross bun and am still bloody starving due to breastfeeding most of the night - it does not help me to lose weight, just makes me bloody starving!! Wink

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