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to be devastated at finding a grey pubic hair

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upsylazy · 17/04/2011 20:45

I'm 43 next month and, after a brief period of panic involving loads of research about facelifts and working out whether I could afford to get a loan for one, I think I've generally adjusted to the ageing process and am fairly philosophical about the wrinkles, greying hair, broken veins etc. But this has really upset me. Surely only really old ladies have a grey bush? And I can't imagine dyeing it. AIBU to be so depressed about it?

OP posts:
MillsAndDoom · 18/04/2011 23:24

YANBU it is so depressing. I would imagine, that is, not that it has happened to me you understand

echt · 19/04/2011 00:43

Gosh. I found my first grey head hair in my early 20s, so had plenty of time to rationalise this aspect of ageing.

I'm in my later 50s, and was peeved to find a grey eyebrow hair last year, just the one, so I'm on it.

On the other hand no grey pubes, but it's not something you get noted for is it? Eee, when she died she didn't have a grey hair down there, you know. :o

Collegemum38 · 19/04/2011 00:52

Do they really fall out? I bloody hope so. Not only at 38 do I have a good sprinkling of grey pubes, my lady garden is behaving as if someone has been feeding it "weed and feed". I have jad to resort to Brzillian waxing to keep it from getting too unruly.

whatever17 · 19/04/2011 01:17

Fango - that's a ridiculous name - it's a fanarffle.

Abcinthia · 19/04/2011 08:19

YANBU I found my first grey hair at 18 and my first grey pubic hair a couple of days ago which resulted in a lot of tears. I'm 21 ffs Sad

nepenthe3 · 19/04/2011 08:48

I thought you were going to say you found it in your sandwich. Now that would be devastating.

Grumpystiltskin · 19/04/2011 09:22

Were you on the bus? I would imagine other people were more upset than you!

Seriously, I am going grey @29, dreading the first downstairs one!

dementedma · 19/04/2011 21:32

Yes, They do fall out.
my once luxuriant black bush is a sparse, grey wasteland. horrible. Thankfully, my gut covers it so i can't see it most of the time.Grin

BigBadMummy · 19/04/2011 21:34

You have my permission to be upset if you found it in your dinner.

Otherwise, shut up. I have had them for years and I am 41

PlopPlopPing · 19/04/2011 21:37

Have them and am in my 30s

reelingintheyears · 19/04/2011 21:55


I know...Sad

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