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to expect double glazing people to finish the job!

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Margles · 08/04/2011 13:49

or is this just par for the course with double - glazing people?

The new patio door doesn't lock properly because the locking mechanism is slightly out of alignment, or it's the door which is slightly out of alignment.

I phoned in October and was told that the fitter would be round when he had come back from holiday. A couple of weeks passed and no sign of the fitter. I phoned again and got the answerphone. I have been trying again since then and keep getting the answerphone. After about 10 times I eventually got hold of the salesman who initially processed the order- he said he'd pass the message on to the propietor - I heard no more. I phoned the salesman again a couple of days ago and was told that the proprietor would be with him the next day, so I phoned and did speak to the propietor of the firm. He blamed the fitter - 'hasn't he got back to you, blah, blah, blah'. Well, no and nor does it explain why you haven't got back to me to tell me what the situation is. He is supposed to be sending another fitter round today - after he's finished another job a few streets away. Yes, well, I am not exactly holding my breath.

It was a smallish local firm, not the cheapest; I was hoping a local firm would be better - I have been disappointed. It's pretty poor to blame your fitters - after all my contract wasn't with them. You'd think a decent firm would want to chase things up, but perhaps it's too much to hope for with double -glazing people.

What would you do people?

OP posts:

SandieIrons · 08/04/2011 15:06

Next time you speak to them tell them they have 24 hours to fix otherwise your next call is Trading Standards and then the local press


Margles · 08/04/2011 15:34

I thought it might be too trivial to take to Trading Standards - but probably worthi giving them a call.

OP posts:

zipzap · 08/04/2011 18:14

Not that unreasonable if you are living in a house with a not properly secured entrance - you might discover that if you were burgled (friend of friend of fitter overheard in the pub... Maybe) - that your insurance was invalid as you hadn't secured the property properly...


sloggies · 08/04/2011 18:23

Take it he didn't show then Margles?


Margles · 08/04/2011 19:03

Zipzap - I hadn't thought of that - thanks for advising.

The fitter himself phoned - not the original one - and said that he couldn't make it today, but would be there first thing tomorrow - so progress of sorts.

OP posts:

Margles · 09/04/2011 08:37

The new window fitter came this morning - took one look at the door and could see that it was wrong - and corrected it. Job done in about 15 minutes max.

Now why couldn't someone have come sooner to do that without me getting snotty?

OP posts:

sloggies · 09/04/2011 13:22

Woo hoo, result!

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