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Little red spots appearing on ds' chest, back and forehead

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Jushy · 01/02/2007 22:26

I just noticed little red spots on my ds (nearly 8 months), all over his chest, back and a few on his forehead...i havent given him anything new to eat, except i put oilatum in his bath 2 days ago and today..also gave him Abidec vitamin drops first time yesterday....he also had a viral infection earlier this week whcih gave him a high fever-dont think it is related but did give him calprofen, but that was only once 3 days ago...does anyone know what it could be?

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carol3 · 01/02/2007 22:35

could be a viral rash, pretty common in babies. Obviously though check if it fades when pressed. If it was an allergy to something it woud prob be more hivey and itchy.
Hope that helps.
Nhs direct have an on line sef diagnose thing which is useful

Jushy · 01/02/2007 23:10

Thanks Carol, he is asleep right now but ive done a little research and i think it may be Roseola, just found this Will take him to the docters tomorrow.

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