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Allergies and intolerances

Dairy-free milks

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Groveregg · 11/09/2006 13:37

Hi, hoping someone can help. My ds is allergic to dairy products - both cows' and goats'. He will be a year old on Wednesday and although I am still bfing, I would like to find an alternative for daytimes. My HV just recommends Nutramigen but we have tried it several times and he will not drink it at all, and I don't blame him after trying it myself. Now he's coming up to a year I am wondering whether some of the dairy-free milks in the supermarkets might be suitable, does anyone have any knowledge on the subject? I am unsure about them as I've never had any experience of them - is rice or oat better than soy? Also if we go down this route I'm a bit worried about fat content - they are all low fat whereas I know full fat milk is recommmended for 1 year olds who can drink normal milk. How can I provide this extra fat to ensure he has plenty? Any advice welcome! Many thanks.

OP posts:
MatNanPlus · 11/09/2006 13:40

I would push for a dietitian appointment.

There is also neocate.

TooTicky · 11/09/2006 13:44

If it's any use, Alpro soya milk is good (tastes better than some others), available with or without calcium/vitamins, sweetened or unsweetened. Rice and oat milks tend to be more watery. Some of the nut milks are lovely.
We like Alpro soya in the blue carton (sweetened with apple juice and with calcium and vitamins. You can introduce it as part of a balanced diet from 6 months and it is suitable as a main milk source from 2 years.

PeachyClairHasBadHair · 11/09/2006 14:28

I drink soya milk supposedly but they are awful (!), the only one I like is made by Tesco own brand, it's the one in the fridge as opposed to the long life one. That rather bizarrely is lovely tasting.

As well as being low fat, sugar content in many soya milks is an issue: yu can get unsweetened but whether you cn get it into a toddler is another thing!

I would definitely see a dietician.

Groveregg · 11/09/2006 16:24

Hmm thanks everyone, I think this has made me realise the enormity of it all! We have an appointment with a paediatrician at the end of the month so I will press for some help then. At the moment I can't imagine ever being able to stop bfing!

OP posts:
CarolinaMoon · 11/09/2006 16:33

we give ds (22mo) Alpro soya milk (the blue carton one in the fridge, not the UHT one), and Alpro soya yoghurt (the calcium-fortified one).

I agree it's prob worth seeing a dietician if you can (we never have ), and deffo bfing as long as you want to.

I'm currently relying on meat and cooking oils for fat (e.g. if I give him pasta and tuna, for example, I'll drizzle some olive oil on it). He seems to be doing fine. He is slender rather than podgy - but then so is his dad, so I'm assuming it's his natural body shape.

jumblesale · 11/09/2006 16:42

My DD was vegan until her first birthday, and when I started cutting back on breastfeeds (about 8-9 months, I think), she had Tesco own brand soya milk. We used the sweetened one, but if you can your little one to drink unsweetened, it's worth bearing in mind that Tesco Value unsweeened soya milk is also organic, and costs 64p as opposed to the 99p organic one.

jumblesale · 11/09/2006 16:43

Wow great spelling mistakes sorry. Hope you can still make sense of that!

Rav · 11/09/2006 22:19

Just a quick note re: Nutramigen. My DD is completely lactose intolerant (she has Galactosaemia, which is a severe life-long intolerance), she has SMA Wysoy as I believe, although not 100%, that Nutramigen contains a slight percentage of lactose. This is why my LO was never prescribed it. Its like the Lactose-free SMA - it must contain a small percentage of lactose too as it is unsuitable for Galactosaemics.

MatNanPlus · 12/09/2006 17:46

Good to know tho a surprise Rav as SMA LF is clinically Lactose Free and suitable for use from babyhood for life.

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