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Allergies and intolerances

Upset tummy and milk intolerance

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miabl2 · 27/10/2005 09:11

Help my DS who is 8 months old has been brilliant with every food I've given him and had no probs switching to formula at 5 months after breastfeeding. He had an upset stomach 3 weeks ago and has had runny nappies ever since. Doctor changed him to MYSOY last week with no difference, (expect his excema was loads better) going back to doctors this morning. Any suggestions...

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Chandra · 27/10/2005 21:06

Don't know really, but in DS's case, the cows milk in formula really constipated him, so... quite the opposite reaction. BTW he is allergic to milk. (it also makes him bloated and ends up with a puffy face).

mymama · 28/10/2005 02:34

Any other change in his diet?? My ds did okay with formula for a week at 6 months and then had a big reaction to it - swelling, bright red and hands/feet turning blue. Flared up when he was given a dose of Nurofen (ibuprofen) for teething. Turns out Nurofen contains wheat starch and he is allergic to cows milk and wheat. I think combination of two together caused the reaction. hth

Bethron · 28/10/2005 06:52

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Bethron · 28/10/2005 06:54

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bobbybob · 28/10/2005 08:47

Also try probiotics - it's possible that the level of good to bad bacteria is out of balance which make digesting anything - including lactose, but not just lactose - difficult.

Also excellent for eczema.

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