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mittens too.

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alux · 24/10/2005 09:20

dd looks like she sleeps with lion cubs. is there special made mittens that I could fasten on really tightly at the wrist for a 6 mo old who has a habit of scratching her scalp? not helped by her eczema either. I still swaddle both arms tightly and when she wakes up and manages to wiggle her arms out she can do damage in v. little time.

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dizzymama · 24/10/2005 09:36

Sorry, I sympathise (had same problem with Dd) found some nighties in mothercare but they weren't big enough for 6 months. Anyway...bumping for you.

Normsnockers · 24/10/2005 14:50

Message withdrawn

keresley · 26/10/2005 23:38

Try sewing scratch mits onto the babygro. I do this for my baby who suffers with excema. Also you can get specialised clothing where the hands are covered from cotton comfort. They do babygros and mitten T-shirts. Hope this helps.

keresley · 26/10/2005 23:40

Ps- John Lewis and Babies R us do larger scratch mittens, more suitable for a 6 month old.

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