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where can i buy 100% cotton tights for my 12 month old?

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arin247 · 30/09/2005 18:41

Can anyone help?!I'm trying to find 100% cotton tights for my daughter who has severe eczema and can't seem to find anything on the high street.I desperately need to buy a pair before next sat as we have a wedding to attend!thanx nola xx

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SenoraPostrophe · 30/09/2005 18:42

do you mean 100% cotton as in no elastane at all, or mostly cotton, no nylon?

WigWamBam · 30/09/2005 18:45 do 100% cotton tights - there is elastic at the waist, but it's covered.

MrsBubsDeVere · 30/09/2005 18:47

There is also these which are based in the uk.

arin247 · 30/09/2005 19:30

thanx for the info.looking for mostly cotton,no nylon...

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