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Alcohol support

How to stop the urges

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TonyBlairsLover · 17/04/2022 12:55

Currently sat in the carvery and I want to cry Sad they’re so strong. There’s no way I can get a drink but I feel so sad and the urge won’t go away

OP posts:
nellienolan · 17/04/2022 13:10

It will. A day at a time. Remember why you don't want to drink.

Take deep breaths, today will pass. Eat food that gives you pleasure.

You can do this.

TonyBlairsLover · 17/04/2022 13:18

@nellienolan thank you, I’m having some mini pizza wheel things :)

OP posts:
nellienolan · 17/04/2022 19:36

I hope you got through the day ok?

Twizbe · 17/04/2022 19:41

It passes for sure.

Think about how you feel after you drink. The bad hangovers, the embarrassment, the reason you stopped drinking in the first place.

TonyBlairsLover · 17/04/2022 22:15

@nellienolan I feel sad so I’m going to try to go to bed

OP posts:
Toloveandtowork · 17/04/2022 22:23

I conquered the cravings. Cravings so strong they would lead me to the shop if I ran out (didn't keep much in the house).
Mindfulness, lean into the feeling of the craving, don't try to ignore it. It is then exposed as a feeling that passes, because it always does. Very hard at first but it gets easier.
I hardly drink now, and never get cravings.
Good luck, you can do it.

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