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Alcohol support

Alcoholic wife

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06Anon · 01/10/2021 23:24

My wife drinks alcohol everyday in the evening. I feel it is ruining her health and her state of mind like anxiety etc. The alcohol addiction was really bad before and my wife had been in rehab a couple of times on the tablets but didn't work. She says she can cut down but needs alcohol every evening and it's always hidden or worries if there is no alcohol if we go away on holiday. I'm really at a loss what to do.

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Adm1010 · 02/10/2021 07:12

There isn’t much you can do tbh . All treatment etc will require her to engage . The GP ( if she would see them ) would likely refer to community support teams , but they rely on clients to actively engage .

Threats , bribes, anger, tears , will NOT work till she is ready .

I’ve tried and relapsed quite a few times and I’m only 1 month in now . The thing that stopped me this time is the knowledge I WILL die early from liver failure if I carry on drinking . But I’ve had to face that knowledge . And I’ve had to stop drinking .

The other thing that stopped me was a comment from one of my adult sons . He asked very calmly ( as I poured another drink ) what I would do if one of them ( my sons) had an emergency and I was “ drunk “ . I was so bloody ashamed .

So my point is everyone’s trigger to stop is different . And you sadly cannot know what that trigger for your wife is . She needs to find it herself . I hope she does

You may find Al anon useful for support for yourself . Contact details are easy to find on google

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