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Medical failed.... trying to stay positive.

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selly24 · 20/10/2015 22:21

My BMI and blood pressure are too high. We have been told to make changes and come back in 6months. Really disappointed. Has anyone had a similar situation. Hopeful I can get fit and still adopt......

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tldr · 20/10/2015 22:33

You absolutely can do it! I didn't have to do it to adopt but I did it 3 times for IVF whilst we were ttc.

Losing weight (if you're sufficiently overweight, which I'm guessing you are) can actually be quite easy over the short term. (The fact that I had to do it three times for ivf tells you all you need to know about I feel about maintaining a weight loss...)

Did they tell you how much to lose or was it just a vague 'make changes' thing?

Take yourself over to the weightloss boards and find a plan that sounds like it suits you and go for it. I've been most successful using Slimming World (as it's easy) but I think it teaches bad habits. Weight watchers has more counting but I think more closely resembles real life. Or there's amillion other plans you can try.

And force yourself out for a power walk during your lunch break or after dinner. Twenty or thirty minutes will make the world of difference.

Good luck!

dimples76 · 21/10/2015 21:41

Selly24, that is really disappointing and you must be feeling low now.

I have not had this experience but I managed to drop two dress sizes before I applied. Was still obese when I applied but my BMI lower than before and it was not raised as an issue at all.

You may find that it's easier to motivate yourself and stick to a plan because you have the six month deadline. I have found the 5:2 diet the easiest for me to stick to.

Best of luck

Kewcumber · 23/10/2015 09:23

I had a similar position. Didn't exactly fail medical but GP refused to approve and send medical back to panel with the comment "recommend second opinion"

The medical advisor to the panel was concerned that GP had decided my blood pressure was so high without actually doing anything about it! So I had to have a 24 hr blood pressure test (which was fine) and had to see the Medical advisor for a lecture about healthy eating. Was then approved. I think my BMI at the time was about 40.

I'd ask your GP to investigate your blood pressure (you won't get turned down with treated high blood pressure) and find out as what you need to achieve over the next 6 months in order to "pass".

It's no consolation now but it is a good idea to try to address this now as the next few years can be a nightmare for people with weight problems - stress and comfort eating can pile on the pounds.

I also found 5:2 easiest to stick to as well.

tldr · 23/10/2015 09:58

It's no consolation now but it is a good idea to try to address this now as the next few years can be a nightmare for people with weight problems - stress and comfort eating can pile on the pounds.

Yes. This.

selly24 · 23/10/2015 14:42

Thank you for your replies. I am feeling ok just determined not to be written off as parent. I am eating very small portions of balanced food every 2 to 3 hours and it seems to be working well. Luckily I enjoy v healthy foods but my portions were stupidly big before. I have an active job so keeping my blood sugar stable I important. Hunger = temptation.
Do realise I can't risk being a heart attack waiting to happen. Also advice about stress/comfort eating during the tricky times of placement.. Thanks everyone Wink

OP posts:
selly24 · 23/10/2015 14:44

On and I am approaching my GP for advice/support and requesting the 24 he BP

OP posts:
selly24 · 23/10/2015 14:46

Posted too soon....Sorry!
Also had already joined gym in summer, but am hitting it hard now 736 calories burned yesterday...!??

OP posts:
Italiangreyhound · 25/10/2015 23:34

Selly that is great news you are already doing so well.

I was sorry to hear that you had not got through on medical but take heart you have time to get this sorted and you know that. I was going to say please find a plan that works for you, whatever that is. But it looks like you are already doing that!

Your GP may be able to provide some information for free, other classes and groups usually cost about a fiver a week. I have lost weight with Weight Watchers and Rosemary Connnely but in the long run I found it hard to keep off. I think getting mentally 'in the game' is key - by this I mean work out why you are overweight - do you over eat or under exercise or a bit of both? I am guessing for most of us it is over eating and little or no exercise!

Emotional eating is difficult.

I did find Gillian Riley's book helpful, the bit I read....

Find the way that works for you. Little and often changes and slow but sure progress.

Plus see your GP about the blood pressure, I am on pills, it works.

All the best.

GodMother78 · 31/10/2015 17:43

We've both been told to loose some weight before we start stage one, as they don't want that to be the only thing to cause a delay

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