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Let's help this poor woman out!

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Satine · 09/04/2005 13:49

You do get some wierd stuff on Ebay - but this made me laugh so I thought 99p wasn't too much to pay. And hopefully we can give this woman a hand (assuming, of course, that it's genuine - I might be a gullible fool!)
Please bump!

OP posts:
Satine · 09/04/2005 13:53



OP posts:
Satine · 09/04/2005 13:53

Ooooh !!
Can anyone help me out??

OP posts:
suzywong · 09/04/2005 13:54

try again dear

Whizzz · 09/04/2005 13:54

you've missed a "+ link}" off the end !

Whizzz · 09/04/2005 13:55


Satine · 09/04/2005 13:56

Thank you v much Whizzz!

OP posts:
tiffini · 09/04/2005 14:12

i read an article once, of a woman who was £9000 in debt, so she created a website and appealed for donations. She was debt free within 4 months.

Satine · 09/04/2005 19:19


OP posts:
Tortington · 10/04/2005 12:36

i saw this one the other day - i also saw someone selling their friendship

bellababe · 10/04/2005 13:37

poor woman.
has anyone ever tried selling their kids?

SoupDragon · 10/04/2005 14:16

Believe me, I'm tempted to sell my 2 DSs.

bellababe · 10/04/2005 14:46

Problem is, not sure anyone would actually pay good money for my lot - except they look quite sweet.

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