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Daughter pulling out eyelashes

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mimielliemummyoftwo · 24/05/2023 22:34

Hey, not really sure what board to put this in as I'm new but just really need some help here.

My daughter's 14 and has this habit where she pulls out her eyelashes. She does it in the morning because she says that's when they're easiest to pull out but sometimes it works throughout the day too. Depending on how easy they come out the amount of eyelashes ranges from 5-30ish??? It's so weird, I've asked her why she does it and she doesn't know herself just likes seeing them on her hands or some weird thing and she says she finds it satisfying especially when she pulls multiple out at once.

I'm just really concerned as to whether this may affect her in any way?? Or whether I just let her keep going it?? She also constantly pulls her eyelids by tugging her eyelashes as she likes the squeaky noise it makes due to the air escaping and I don't think that's as harmful but I just don't know.

Do I need to consult a doctor as to why she's doing this?? She's generally a happy kid, does well at school, has friends etc. but she does have a few issues mentally with possible OCD and Autism but we haven't done much to get this diagnosed as we aren't sure and it doesn't seem to affect her a ton with daily life. And I don't know if it is Trichotillomania because it is mostly her eyelashes and then very rarely her eyebrows. She never does it to her actual hair because it hurts and she doesn't feel the need to.

Sorry if this is too long, just really need some help.

OP posts:
abyssofwoah · 24/05/2023 22:38

I do this. I go through phases of doing it more or less. I’m not sure at what point it crosses the boundary into trichotillomania but I’m not an especially anxious person and I’ve never pulled them all out so I’ve never really considered it a problem particularly.

TedLasto · 24/05/2023 23:09

I have trichotillomania and it started with pulling my eyelashes out aged 12. Progressed to hair later. I have only recently come to realise I am
probably autistic (following daughters diagnosis) and it is a form of stimming. I have had CBT for the trich (via the GP) a couple of times and it has not worked. This makes sense now as apparently CBT doesn’t really work for autistic people. Anyway, I still do it so I’m not sure what the answer is, but I’d see the GP as earlier intervention may have helped. I didn’t go until it was very well established.

Foxesandsquirrels · 24/05/2023 23:15

My DD 14 does this but with eyebrows. For her it's a form of self harm, nothing to do with autism. She's having general therapy. CBT tends to help.

KnickerlessParsons · 24/05/2023 23:52

I do it too. It's very satisfying.

Heartofglass12345 · 25/05/2023 00:04

I do this, I like to rub the roots on my lip and sometimes eat them too, apparently that's quite common. I don't know why I do it, I do think it's triggered by stress/ anxiety for me and I started doing it around 20 years ago during a traumatic time.
Whether it's just a habit or OCD I'm not sure.

Geppili · 25/05/2023 00:32

Trichotillomania. I have it. Started after a very frightening and traumatic experience aged 7. I eat them too. I pulled and ate my eyelashes, then brows, then head hair and body hair when it came.

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