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House purchase and renting advice

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Eyre89 · 28/10/2020 09:28

Hi looking for some advice.

We are buying our first house. There is a complete chain of 3.

The people we are purchasing from have just had the survey back on the house they are purchasing. It has shown subsidence and requires remedial work. They still want to buy it and plan to have the work done providing they can still get a mortgage. I've have the bare minimum of information as found out yesterday at tea time.

The lady they are purchasing from is buying a new build.

The issue is we are renting and have been given notice. We're almost ready to exchange contracts just waiting for a couple of searches to come back. My Mil says we should ask them to vacate the property and rent somewhere until the work is completed as she has had to do this previously when she sold a property. (if the timescale they give doesn't work with us) I'd rather look for somewhere else and get moved than rent which can be more than the mortgage. I'd feel really harsh to ask that of them. However time is against us. Is this common practice? Because if we can't get in we may have to pull out to find somewhere else.

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