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Lew00 · 16/09/2020 15:24

Hi All,
I'm a 50 something mum of teens, the weight has crept up over the last few years. Finding my blood pressure was high has been a bit of a shock and need to sort myself out- doc has put me on pills, as I've been trying to sort it with diet but its just not happening.
I was swimming three times a week before lockdown and still walk at least 2 miles each day. Diet is rather healthy and vegetarian for past 30 years. I must admit I hit about 1800 cals per day, which post-menopause I should probably get lower as my weight is about 11 stone. I've never dieted before, but think the time has come! I was wondering if anybody has tried the keto diet in a vegetarian or vegan from ( I eat eggs but hardly any dairy). any advice greatly appreciated as ever :)

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Pinkshrimp · 19/09/2020 21:20

I know people rave about keto but, whilst low (er) carb is beneficial full on keto isn’t always sustainable.

Firstly work out your tdee, the amount of calories to consume to stay exactly the weight you are now. Reduce that amount by 20% for the calories to aim for each day to lose weight. You can increase to the maintenance once you are at your target weight.
Weigh and log everything you consume on My Fitness Pal or similar. It really is amazing how calories add up. I mean log every spread of butter, cup of tea, glass of wine, apple or whatever, it’s all calories. That way you can make choices to decide if you really want two 88 calorie chocolate digestives or will that 90 calorie banana be more filling?

It takes a little time initially but, once your favourite items are logged you can just quickly choose them next time. It has been an eye opener to me. Good luck!

Lew00 · 19/09/2020 23:12

Thanks very much for your advice and link.
Going to need some commitment, but important things do.

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Sonney · 24/05/2021 02:51

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