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Argh, I've just messed up with toddler's sleep haven't I?

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Whyaretheredinosaursinthebath · 09/09/2020 00:36

Have a lovely 2 year old. She only started sleeping through night fairly recently after being an every 20 mins waker as a baby and 2 hourly thereafter. She has a couple of conditions and her consultants couldn't be sure that wasn't a factor so sleep training did not feel appropriate and I was happy to go with what worked best which was her in bed with me, mostly for my own sleep! I do miss sleeping with DH although he says he doesn't mind for now as intends to continue in spare room when new baby born since he gets up early and drives a lot of for work etc and we decided as a family that it was most important he got sleep most nights. (Some weekends etc excluded).

Since she's started sleeping through and I'm pregnant and due later in the year we decided to move her into her own room which we did yesterday. She did wake a few times for a fairly long period and shouted for me, I popped in and sat with her but otherwise she did stay there. It destroyed me though as now pregnant and can't get back to sleep at all with the backache and heartburn etc

She kept waking tonight and then about half an hour came into my room and climbed in and I said ok as I'd already made up my mind that if she came in partway through night early on that was fine with me and we'd gradually work on it

Now I've realised I'm probably an idiot and if I'd helped her stick with it then perhaps she'd have adjusted to sleeping through in her own room (which only really matters because I don't want her sleep to be disturbed by newborn, and so she's used to it when I'm not there if in hospital for Labour etc)

I suppose I could carry her back in now but she'll just wake again upset that she wasn't where she fell asleep which is always a big thing for her

Shall I just let her stay there and try and get some sleep now and gradually work on it or was I an idiot and should bite the bullet? I'm knackered but just want what's best for her and the baby. Gone downstairs for some food to try and help with the heartburn and because I'm starving after being awake for ages. I always coped fine with broken nights but struggling with pregnancy tiredness lately!

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Whyaretheredinosaursinthebath · 09/09/2020 00:38

Also didn't want to drag it all out too much as want any transition well in advance of new baby so she doesn't feel pushed out when they arrive

OP posts:
BanditsBum · 09/09/2020 07:36

I'm sure lots of people will come along and bang on about consistency etc. but as the mother of a similarly bad sleeper I would say just do whatever you have to do to get a good nights sleep, especially when pregnant.

I doubt very much you have messed anything up permanently.

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