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Does the lunch in lunch boxes not get messed up for kids?

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susanknft · 08/09/2020 19:01

Im going to be doing pack lunches for the kids for school and am in the process of buying them the boxes / bags etc. Ive bought the Sistema 1.65l Bento box. Its great and I really like it, however, I was thinking if I get those lunch bags for the kids like this,

won't the food get messed up. Im thinking a bag which will hold the box flat would be best but I can't find any!!

I may be over thinking this but I don't want them to open their box up and find a big mess and Im a newbie to this and have no idea!


OP posts:
GigantosaurusRex · 08/09/2020 19:50

They really do hold a lot.

Does the lunch in lunch boxes not get messed up for kids?
GoatsInBoats · 08/09/2020 19:52

In the nicest possible way, OP, you’re making a bit of a meal of this. Wink

You could get a normal lunchbox like this, and inside it put a sandwich wrapped in foil, a whole piece of fruit and a snack. Put the drink bottle in too, zip it up and you’re done.

susanknft · 08/09/2020 20:05

i know i am definitely over thinking this!

ok right, its a bento box small cube one and then in a whatever usual lunch bag to keep cool!done! done! :)

OP posts:
DominaShantotto · 08/09/2020 20:09

I put the sandwich in a tupperware box inside the lunchbag, the only real mess is if they put a halfeaten yoghurt back in the bag and even then I just shove the lunchbag in the dishwasher.

DobbyTheHouseElk · 08/09/2020 20:28

The lunch bags go in the washing machine in a quick 30’ wash here. They seem to be sticky and weird otherwise. Tupperware sandwich. Carton of juice. Crisps or cake or yogurt, spoon.

LER83 · 08/09/2020 20:41

My eldest 2 have the bento lunch box and its fine. I tend to wrap the sandwich/roll in cling film to keep it together. On the bottom I put a squeeze yoghurt and capri sun/smoothie, in the tray on top if that i put their sandwich/roll/crackers. Then just put fruit/crisps in the little sections. This then goes into their normal school bag.

thelegohooverer · 08/09/2020 21:05

I have these sistema microwaveable boxes which I use for food storage, reheating, and lunch boxes. No scrambling for lids as I basically use the same box for everything.

Typically I put a sandwich, several portions of fruit and veg and yogurt in for lunch. If the fruit is chopped, or something like berries, I put them in these silicone egg poachers which keeps them separate from the sandwich, and the friction of the silicone stops things moving round too much.

It’s more flexible than a bento box. The sistema box is high enough to put in a decent sized apple, or a pot of yogurt. I can cram a fair bit in, or pop in a packet of cheese dippy crackers. Dh sometimes takes leftovers to reheat, or a salad for lunch and these boxes work fine for that too. I really need lunches to be streamlined in the morning or my head melts.

The boxes then just go in with their books. They clip securely so there’s no worry about them opening up. And most of the time they’re not messy when they open them. Drinks go in the side pocket of their book bags.

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