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Warming ready made baby milk / making up powdered milk

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Ohwhocares22 · 10/03/2020 12:22

Apologies, I know questions about making up formula are asked all the time but I'm sleep deprived and have baby brain. Have always used bottles of liquid formula at room temperature when out and about but baby ds will only drink it warmed 🙄. Obviously in a cafe, I can ask for water for warming but most often I'm feeding in the park or at a group. What do I need? Have had a quick Google search but all the flasks seem bulky.
Also, if I'm warming liquid, is it actually any more convenient than making up a feed with powder? I use a perfect prep at home so am clueless.

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welshweasel · 10/03/2020 12:25

Tommee tippee flask is what I used. Or start making up from powder when you’re out. Get two chilly bottles (or cheap equivalent from supermarket) - put boiling water in one and cooled boiled water in the other. Take powder measured out in pot. When you want a bottle make it up like the perfect prep, so couple of oz boiling water, add powder then top up with cold water from the other bottle.

welshweasel · 10/03/2020 12:26
LaurenSarah22 · 10/03/2020 12:27

We used to take a TT flask and insulation bag.. we would make the bottles up with the hot water when out and ask for cold water with ice cubes

Dandelion1993 · 10/03/2020 12:28

I have the Hegen bottles.

I found if I warm the milk up before leaving and out the air tight container lid on theybstayed warm for ages!

Definitely recommend them.

Ohwhocares22 · 10/03/2020 13:14

Thanks all that's really helpful

OP posts:
TerrorWig · 10/03/2020 14:56

I used to make them up with boiling water and store in an insulated bag. I wasn’t normally out long enough for them to get cold, so they were nice and warm.

happymummy12345 · 13/03/2020 10:55

The tt flask worked for us.
The liquid is thinner I think so baby will likely have more. Plus it's expensive.
We always premise bottles the old fashioned way and stores them in the fridge anyway. Then used the flask to warm them when going out.

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