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Could I use a coffee grinder to make curry pastes ?

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Howlongtillbedtime · 22/09/2019 12:52

Every time I make a curry paste I end up giving up with my blender and using a pestle and mortar which quite frankly is a bit too much like hard work.

Would a coffee grinder be a better bet ?
Or is there a specific curry paste making gadget that I have missed out on ?


OP posts:
Mac47 · 22/09/2019 12:53

Coffee grinder is fine, although you may not want to use it for coffee afterwards...

Howlongtillbedtime · 22/09/2019 12:59

Yes, thank you , it would be a specific grinder for cooking thing . I just didn't know if it would work or even be big enough.

OP posts:
Kpo58 · 22/09/2019 13:03

Maybe OP could develop a new line in curry flavoured coffee. It could be really warming for the winter and healthier than chocolate coffee with extra syrups.

OohthatlovelyNigelfromBabyClub · 22/09/2019 13:12

Not for paste. Mine got a bit wet and started smoking 😬

TheAlternativeTentacle · 22/09/2019 13:14

What do you mean you give up with your blender?

I whizz up tomatoes, garlic, ginger, chillis and onions in my blender to make my paste, all the actual spices are cooked in the pan in oil before adding the paste.

noenergy · 22/09/2019 13:20

You can grind dry spices in it but don't make up a paste in it. The best way to make a paste is to fry of the onions and spices then make a paste using a blender.

GCAcademic · 22/09/2019 13:25

If you want to make a paste, rather than just grinding dry spices, you need something like this:

Howlongtillbedtime · 22/09/2019 13:30

Thank you GC that looks exactly what I need.

My blender is great for soups etc but for nuts or garlic or ginger etc I am left with big chunks. I dont think the blades are low enough.

OP posts:
BlackAmericanoNoSugar · 22/09/2019 13:36

A baby puree blender is good for small amounts. Something like this one which could also be used as a stick blender.

Nat6999 · 22/09/2019 13:52

I do mine with an attachment for my stick blender, a small pot with a blade attachment about the size of a can of pop.

CakeNinja · 22/09/2019 14:54

We use a coffee grinder for spice mixes but don’t use it to make pastes in as its very difficult to wash out. For pastes we use one of those kenwood mini blitzer things.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 22/09/2019 14:55

I really need your recipe before I can give any opinion...

GCAcademic · 22/09/2019 15:12

Fekko - if you’re after some good Indian recipes, check out Maunika Gowardhan’s website. Her achari chicken and Keralan chicken curry are both amazing.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 22/09/2019 15:13

Any good veggie ones? 😛

TheAlternativeTentacle · 22/09/2019 15:25

My easy curry recipe is basically this:

Blend 3-4 medium sized tomatoes [or loads of cherry ones], an inch of ginger, 2-3 garlic cloves, 1 chilli and a medium onion in a blender, with some water. Set aside. If you have some fresh coriander you can pop some of that in before blending as well.

then in hot oil, preferable coconut but if not, veg oil; a teaspoon of mustard seed, a teaspoon of cumin seed until it starts to smell cuminy and the mustard seeds pop, then chuck in some curry leaves and then almost straight away some chopped onion. Then some chopped pepper and then if you like it, some quorn or tofu. Once that has cooked a bit, add turmeric, some ground coriander, some ground fenugreek and then cook for a minute or two, and then add some parboiled veggies eg potato, peas, carrots etc. Cook that for a few mins and then add the blended tomato mix, some salt and if needed, some water and let it cook down. You may need to add more salt but taste reasonably regularly and when the veggie are cooked through, pop some basmati rice on to cook for 12 mins, drain and rinse the rice, and plate up.

GCAcademic · 22/09/2019 15:32

Fekko - her Andhra egg curry is very nice.

Howlongtillbedtime · 22/09/2019 18:14

Thank you for the added recipe info ! I am always a bit suspicious of eggs in a curry@GCAcademic but that veggie one looks fab @TheAlternativeTentacle

OP posts:
AlexandraPeppernose · 22/09/2019 19:41

I use a magic bullet

FrogFairy · 22/09/2019 20:50

If you really fancy splashing the cash treat yourself to a Bamix stick blender with a wet & dry mill.

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