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Me - post ectopic and finally clear to try again, DH stressed and says needs more time

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Weaselicious · 31/08/2013 16:02

I'm 39 (and a few days) and have just been given the all clear post-ectopic to try again. It's been a very long road to recovery and it has been very stressful for both my very dear DH and I.
The problem is that I'm now very ready to try again, and DH isn't. His reasons are valid - he's had a very stressful time too, plus we've both suffered close family bereavements in the last two years and he can't take any more stress at the moment (he is emphasising the right now part of that).
I love him hugely, but am really struggling with this as the doc today said we really should get cracking due to my age. Have also had a tube removed so that doesn't help.
Trying v v v hard to balance my biological clock which is clanging v loudly and being as supportive to DH as I possibly can.
Any advice/perspective/that was me and this is how we worked it out stories very gratefully received. WWYD?

OP posts:
nextphase · 31/08/2013 19:20

Sorry to hear about your ectopic.
I can't help with the how the discussions with DH should progress, but just to let you know I've just put my two post ectopic boys to bed. Both conceived within 2 cycles with just the one tube.

Chance of conceiving in any one cycle isn't halved due to only having one tube. The remaining tube can pick up an egg from either side.

Good luck with your journey.

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