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Can feel copper coil during sex?

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gigiriri · 18/02/2019 20:20

I am currently on the depo injection but I am acne prone and it was made me breakout horribly. I have a live condition which means I can't take the combined pill so ideally I want something with no hormones because I HATE this acne. I booked in to have the copper coil but cancelled because:

  1. I'm scared of the pain of insertion. I gave birth four and a half months ago.

  1. I've heard it can make you taste and smell metallic down

  1. I've also heard that it can be felt by the man during sex.

Has anyone ever experienced any of this? Also how painful was your insertion?
OP posts:
rededucator · 18/02/2019 20:38

Insertion wasn't sore, just uncomfortable like a smear. Very well endowed OH can occasionally feel the string in some positions but it isn't sore or unpleasant for either of us. I apparently taste delicious.

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