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Stokke MyCarrier review

Best Baby Carrier 2018

The MyCarrier is ergonomic and practical, and its design is faultless. It is the ultimate baby carrier that will last for as long as you need it.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Dec 14, 2022

Stokke My Carrier main Mumsnet Best

Of all the carriers we tested, the one we came back to time and time again was the Stokke MyCarrier. This was the carrier we wanted to take out on our day trips, the one that we felt offered the best support.

The MyCarrier comes in three separate parts: a harness, a front carrier and a back carrier. The harness is required for both positions, and the front and back carrier sections are interchangeable, depending on where you plan to carry your child. Both the front carrier and the back carrier are very easy to attach to the harness with a few pushes and clicks. While many carriers come all in one piece (aptly named all-in-ones), we found the quality and comfort of the carrier were more than worth this minor complication.

The MyCarrier is extremely supportive when carrying a child on the back, thanks to a pair of aluminium bars that are slotted into the back carrier. They can look slightly alarming, but they really help the wearer to maintain an upright posture, and offer extra support. MyCarrier also offers two height positions when back carrying; one is recommended for 9-18 months and the other for 18-36 months. We tested the carrier with a baby and a toddler, and with the help of poppers and a strip of velcro, the change is easy to make and highly effective. This really does make a huge difference to the overall ease of babywearing.

Stokke Carrier

The MyCarrier is the only back carrier we tested that has over the shoulder straps for the child as well as the parent. This makes your child extra secure, and offers extra reassurance. Your child is strapped into the carrier first, and then strapped to your body. It’s like putting on a rucksack, albeit a warm and wriggly one! It felt very novel, but makes absolute sense.

For front carrying, the MyCarrier takes a slightly more orthodox approach of carrier first, then baby. We really appreciated the way the carrier clips on at the front rather than the back; each buckle, clip and strap is positioned ergonomically, exactly where you would expect, which is surprisingly refreshing. They're a dream to adjust, too – it’s easy to tighten the straps by simply pulling on them. It feels extremely safe and secure.

It's worth mentioning that the MyCarrier does offer a forward-facing position; however, many health organisations advise against using this as it puts strain on the baby's spine. Instead, it's recommended that you wear your baby on your front facing your chest until they're six months old, after which you can put them on your back (or keep them snuggled for as long as is comfortable!). You can read more about babywearing safety in our Buyer's Guide.

The MyCarrier features a head support cover – crucial if your child gets sleepy and decides to take a nap. It ensures that your child’s head isn’t left lolling around, and that their face is safe from the rays of the sun.

This carrier is brill. Hip safe, very solid, front and rear carrying options, machine washable and lasts until they are about three!

On the downside, the Stokke MyCarrier was definitely the most complicated carrier to set up before use – but it was well worth spending the extra time getting to know it. Another point to consider is that the Stokke MyCarrier may not be ideal to take on holiday, purely because taking all three parts would be quite bulky. However, the huge positive that comes from having separate front and back sections is that they are ergonomically faultless, designed for a precise purpose.

We loved the snugness of the front carrier and the security of the back carrier. Despite the minor negatives, we absolutely think that the Stokke MyCarrier is worth every single penny (and we were being picky). Currently £129 on Mothercare, it's great value for a carrier that pretty much does everything.

Key Specs

Weight range: 7.7lb to 33 lbs

Age range: Up to 36 months

Number of carrying positions: 3

RRP: £129

Resale value: £65

Available in grey, red, brown, black and navy.