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MORI Clever Sleeping Bag review

Best Baby Sleeping Bag for Style 2018

From looking gorgeous to helping your baby get a full nights sleep, it’s no surprise the Mori Clever Sleeping bag won our award for style. It practically has its own entourage.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

Mori Clever bag main

Loved by celebrities (Kim Kardashian is apparently a fan!), Mori has certainly made its mark in the baby market (and in the glossy mags).


  • The material keeps your baby at a natural and safe temperature through cold nights and warm days

  • Incredibly stylish

  • Transitional travel system meaning you can carry your baby from cot to car seat/ pram

  • Two-way zip making nappy changes easier

  • Suitable from birth until 2 years


  • Must be washed at 30C

  • Slightly more expensive

Key features of the Mori Clever

  • Suitable from birth until 2 years

  • Made from breathable and thermoregulating bamboo and organic cotton

  • Double zip

  • Great choice of stylish designs available

  • RRP: £59.50

  • Machine washable at 30C, tumble-drier friendly, no need to iron

How easy it is to use day to day?

There are lots of things about the Mori Clever Sleeping Bag that makes it, well…clever. The first must be the two-way zip. The zip is on the side of the bag and you can unzip the bag from top to bottom and bottom to top. This means that if you are doing a night-time nappy change, you can unzip the bag from the bottom and just pop your baby’s legs out to change the nappy, and then zip them back up again without disturbing them too much. The double zip also makes it very easy to get a screaming baby into the sleeping bag. If they are kicking their legs too much you can zip from top to bottom and if they are failing their arms, it’s easy to zip them up from bottom to top. Score!

The Mori sleeping bag also has a useful transitional travel system so you can transfer a sleeping baby from cot into car seat or pram, with complete ease. An opening at the front and the back of the bag can accommodate a three- or five-point harness on a car seat or pram, so you can move your baby mid-snooze.

How does the Mori Clever sleeping bag look?

The Mori sleeping bag scored top marks in the looks department and made it the Mumsnet Best winner when it came to style. It comes in four colours (grey marl, blush stripe, blue stripe and grey stripe) and we have been reassured more designs are on their way. All of the designs are gorgeous and simple, which is great when you’ll be using it from birth until two years. There are no loud and garish colours or cartoons, meaning it won’t look out of place in the most sophisticated of homes. The best bit about this sleeping bag is the fact you can personalise it with your baby’s name and it arrives in a beautiful box so looks gorgeous if you are buying it as a gift.

How does the baby Mori Clever feel?

The quality of the Mori sleeping bag is second to none. The material is incredibly soft to touch and there is not a cheap finishing in sight. It’s made from breathable and thermoregulating bamboo and organic cotton. The Mori Clever is the sort of sleeping bag that you can pop your baby into, they look adorable, and you know they will be safe and sound in it all night long. Our tester’s baby liked the sleeping bag so much that he cried when our tester tried to take him out of it (now that’s love!).

How do I wash the Mori Clever sleeping bag?

Washing the sleeping bag is incredibly easy (it’s a simple 30C wash) and the bag retains all of its colour and shape. Unlike other sleeping bags that come out of the dryer creased and bulky, the Mori sleeping bag looks like new. A laundry wonder.

Is the Mori Clever safe?

It’s the simple things that can really help put a new parent at ease and you have enough to worry about without fretting over whether your baby is too hot or cold in bed. The Mori Clever sleeping bag is made from breathable and thermoregulating bamboo and organic cotton that keeps your baby at a natural and safe temperature through cold nights and warm days.

It also has a fitted neck and armholes that ensure there is less danger of your baby slipping down into the sleeping bag and it has adjustable poppers under the arms so it will grow as your baby does, without ever being too loose or too tight.

Is the Mori Clever good value for money?

Although it is slightly expensive, we think the Mori Clever sleeping bag is one of the best on the market. It lasts from birth until two years so it is well worth the investment. If that wasn’t enough, it looks great. As a popular choice with many A-list celebs, it’s a must-have on any stylish parent’s wish-list.